The Most Insane Ways To Test Knife Sharpness! Mike Vellekamp

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43 thoughts on “The Most Insane Ways To Test Knife Sharpness! Mike Vellekamp

  1. pinkiedestroyer jr says:

    i tried it and it works i think. even with my tongue. buti dont know how much resistance i should put in my toungue or thumb. should it be really stiff? so far i can easily feel a difference between a dull knife and a pretty sharp knife

  2. Christopher allen says:

    i can't find any knife that matches up with solingen steel [ true steel i have gone thru 64 german knives and kept 5 ]because of the steel they used that year, week or month…some times they get true steel sometimes not ….but ole dude if you are dumb enough to touch your tongue to one of these knives you will get what you deserve…..truth..

  3. # # says:

    Try moving the knife horizontally on your fingernail if the movement is rough I think its sharp if its smooth I think its dull not 100% sure if I have that the right way around but don't have a knife on me to see.

  4. MadCali Weed says:

    I run the edge along my thumb nail, if the blade slips from its cut path then theres a flat spot or its still has that bevel. After a quick stone and steel i do the paper check but i keep the shavings as thin as possible.

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