The Most Down-to-Earth Fighting Style in Mortal Kombat X?



A little ramble about which character in MK10 I think has the most realistic move set, despite the generally comically exaggerated cartoon-like violence in the …

30 thoughts on “The Most Down-to-Earth Fighting Style in Mortal Kombat X?

  1. EricPaz says:

    There is one lore about MK outworld where human entering the Outworld will get effected by Outworld magic, like Kabal who used to be normal until he got burned and treated in Outworld, which allow him to use super speed

  2. BCA10MAN says:

    JASON IS MY FAVORITE FIGHTER IN THE GAME. When he said “who is the most down to earth” I was thinking Jason because he doesn’t do anything special in the game its very plain and violent, just punching and machete slices. Badass love you skall.

  3. fgreger says:

    That reminded me about something a capoeria dancer said about eddy gordo's style:
    Yes, those moves are realistic, but no they aren't even close to being feasible as an attack.
    I think the exact wording was along the lines:
    "Trying to attack someone with a backflip"

  4. Mike28625 says:

    American Puritanism. Portrayals of violence are ok only if they are ultimately unbelievable or obscured. Manhunt 2 had to go back and obscure its kills with grainy, glitchy, video affects.

  5. SinApex says:

    I dig this kind of video. It's also short and sweet. I don't mind longer videos, but sometimes I enjoy watching something I can watch when I'm short on time, and this is perfect for that, and related to a recent and popular topic as well as being interesting, though I would like to see a longer-form video or a series analyzing fighting styles in fighting games like this one, because while most fighting games have very little in the way of realism, there's bound to be SOMETHING good in there, right? At least something silly to make fun of like Raiden's flying screaming tackle punch thing. At least he would scream in the older games but who didn't in Mortal Kombat?

  6. Brenx Bux says:

    I dont understand why you should be demonetized. Wouldn't a "mature" filter be enough to warn people of violent or graphic content? Its as if their intention is to dissuade YTers from pursuing violent content. Which is inherently unfair to, lets say, a weapon themed channel based on martial arts. I think that jake paul is a moron who has ruined the "youtuber" job for everyone who isnt a complete jackass.

  7. Brenx Bux says:

    Wow skallgrim is so open minded he kept it in question whether those two cowboys were even human, he didn't assume their species. Youre basically an LGBTQ+ icon now.

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