The Man from NowhereAjeossi – Final fight scene (SPOILER)

Человек из ниоткудаThe Man from NowhereAjeossi – Final fight scene Won Bin (SPOILER)

44 thoughts on “The Man from NowhereAjeossi – Final fight scene (SPOILER)

  1. 698del says:

    While this fight scene is awesome, the music made it to be surprisingly emotional. Almost tear-jerking. He's so broken with all the shitty things and he kept fighting with nothing to lose except avenging that young girl. This is such a rarity in most modern fight scenes and to me, it's not a fight scene so much as an impressive work of art. A perfect mix of beauty and brutality.

  2. Losemyillusions says:

    Watch The man from nowhere and the even better A bittersweet life, and you'll know where John Wick comes from (only far from being as good as those two, specially John Wick 2, already almost a spoof of itself).

  3. Fawk Yu says:

    Koreans still got a lot to learn from Hong Kong filmmakers when it comes to fight choreography. The entire fight sequence should be filmed in one take. Hollywood finally learned this as it's evident in John Wick.

  4. Meetalo says:

    I fucking loved this movie. I really liked Thanayong, one question though, in the movie is he supposed to be Vietnamese? or was that "vietcong" comment just to show how ignorant that drug lord was?

  5. Silly Goose Productions says:

    I know this came out before John Wick, but there are so many similarities between the two. They even have a similar premise. Actually, looking at this, they both start out rugged at the beginning, but then both begin wearing suits with nice cuts.

  6. 93214919321491 says:

    Loved this fight scene! It's just weird as an American to see such a high up criminal organization not be able to handle or even expect one guy with a pistol. I saw a guy with a glock in a tank top at the gas station today

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