23 thoughts on “The Mako Folder by Bastinelli Knives

  1. Brian Schulze says:

    You should start doing more close ups of the knives. A lot of your videos show the work beautifully, but don't express the functionality or design features of the knives. I want to know why this blade is so unique, or so different from other karambits besides it being designed by Doug. You capture the art form and the technique of its use, but in previous videos and this one your not displaying the tool for more than a glimpse.

  2. Virgil says:

    Only problem I have with these personal defense weapons is that in most cases the people who buy them don't have the good experience or training to use to them properly. Case in point is numchucks, how many people especially young kids hurt themselves with them when they first try to use them while trying to emulate what they see in movies and television. Also it takes someone experienced as Doug to know where you can cut or slice someone so that you only just wound them without killing them or causing serious injury. I know that in some cases the person may be attacking you and you need to defend yourself but from my own personal experience when you do defend yourself and you cause severe injury to someone else it is not like in the movies where you feel like a hero and ten feet tall but you get a sudden realization of how close you came to killing someone and ending their life and once you kill someone you can't take it back or find it easy to forget. If you study Doug Marcaida enough you can learn that you really don't need to have weapons to safely defend yourself. The most strongest weapon in any fight is your brain and the ability to not lose your cool but stay alert and act quickly. Even just slapping the person in the face even with no force is enough to slow the attacker down, just keep slapping. Just keep your hands moving and also yell which in some cases can help, depending on where you are at the time.

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