The Making of a Tactix Armory Knife



Tactix Armory knives are made to the highest standards, for hard use, outdoor and tactical carry. This video shows the making of the Tactix Armory “Renwick” …

35 thoughts on “The Making of a Tactix Armory Knife

  1. kevin colwell says:

    Hey man, I owe you a bit of an apology. I gave you a little well-meaning shit about having a tactical blade with a wharncliffe point. Maybe I shouldn't have. It does appear that it is sturdy and should still pierce well. In fact, it looks a bit like a wee little seax. My fault. Ooops. Take care. kc

  2. nav10mm r says:

    Awesome! Always enjoy your videos. I was able the successfully make, heat treat, temper my first knife . Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge.

  3. Edgar der Schmied says:

    Nice Video.
    I don't believe knives are really useful for personal defense, for normal people have big scruples to stab someone.
    Also, people who do not train fighting with their knives regulary, have a high risk of hurting themselves or maybe even losing the knife to the opponent because they don't dare to really stab him.
    And knives scare your opponents, wich makes them more dangerous especially when they are armed themselves.
    Last but not least: as far as I know knives don't really have a big stopping power, if you are fighting someone who's on amphetamine, alcohol or even just adrenaline the opponent may fight on some time even when he is injured seriously.

    But I love your work and your videos, even when for me knives are no weapons but tools.
    OK, some knives are tools to kill. But I prefer tools to cut vegetable ;D
    Greetings from Germany

  4. Michael Andersen says:

    It would have been better it you showed more on how it was made (like the title) than making a commercial. Your not really showing the fabricating of these knives. (it really isn't knife making in the true sense of the tradition, so I call it fabricating like you do for any part made on a CNC machine.) No problem with you doing it just like when you make a hand made knife and you don't call it a custom made knife. But enough of the rambling, lets just see the whole process, like the blade coating.

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