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45 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven (2016) – Fastest Knife in the West Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

  1. Chad Thomas says:

    Romanticism literature grows louder the more you become educated. You see, The Japanese killed the man with the gun. That's how the Samurai defeated their own people whom had acquired weapons from the West.

  2. Juval Mendoza says:

    I checked the first fight in 0.25 speed and it is a clear draw. They probably used a synced explosive on the two cups; but the weird thing is the smoke on billy's gun, it shows that he already fired the gun downwards before he even aimed his gun. Arcade was cheated!!!

  3. Dragoro says:

    I watched in .25 speed, billy got it by one frame. the next frame the other guy hit his. Yay for movie accuracy. But I also noticed billy shot his gun early and would have, in reality probably hit the ground before coming on target

  4. Smokestack says:

    Wow though. Shoulda told that extra to draw a little slower. He straight up did beat the main actor out on that draw. Didn't shoot first, but then again at least he didn't shoot the ground. Also we need more heroes that don't kill with the hip fire. Rather use it simply as cover or to wound before firing the actual kill shot. That extra with his full draw before firing is the hero we need.

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