The M2R Warrior Tactical Flashlight Review



Get 40% off on July 30th 1-3pm using the following link: A light that was designed for tactical situations, I take a look at how it crosses over …

9 thoughts on “The M2R Warrior Tactical Flashlight Review

  1. RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

    Fenix had an ad for this video, I watched the whole thing… Your review on this flashlight was more in depth with more details… No Fenix didn't tell the run times, witch is important… Thanks for sharing, take care.

  2. Mike Terek says:

    Your review just helped me on my decision. I like that you don’t have to have the stobe feature on the full push every other review I seen was showing a full push was strobe only glade you showed you can turn it off and have it just full bore. I currently carry the s30r but like many people don’t like I can’t find the button in a hurry on the side.

    Keep the good work!

  3. Gun Sense (drmaudio) says:

    I have the M2T. I really like that I can always power it on in moonlight without having to cycle through modes, and can always power it on in full bright. It appears the M2R shares the same system, with only strobe access being different. It is a really well thought out interface.

  4. Cajun Swamp Fox says:

    Olight is awesome, to put it simple. I just ordered another one today during the 45% off flash sale. I am super impressed with everything I have from them. Better than other brands and priced better with free shipping…you can't go wrong.

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