The Legendary Ernest Emerson: On Fighting

A candid, honest look into the true nature of fighting that every fighter, young and old, need to listen to. From Bruce Lee to the Gracie Family, the nature of fighting …

35 thoughts on “The Legendary Ernest Emerson: On Fighting

  1. Mean Man says:

    Bruce Lee was a bad ass for a 110lb dude (or whatever he was) but any half way trained 200lb grappler could have probably beat his ass. Pretty much most of the MMA fighters today would own him.

  2. Robert Watson says:

    I know a martial artist who knew Bruce well in his early years and trained with him. He does not praise other martial arts or artists easily. I asked him if Bruce was for real. His reply was that for–"a 138 pound china man he was the most amazing martial artist I ever met". He suggested Bruce had a number of real fights but would not elaborate on it.

  3. Clarence Baluca says:

    "Before I learned how to punch, a punch was just a punch."

    It was the exact opposite for me, since I was looking from a different perspective; a punch wasn't just a punch.

    Just like walking is for a baby – a step isn't just a step. It took a lot of focus. A single step wasn't one step on its own – it was made up of many steps: maintain your balance, raise your foot, set your foot down carefully, exactly where you need it to be…

    Now when you walk, a step is just a step, and walking is just walking – you even do it on autopilot.

    To a beginner a punch isn't just a punch – it's maintaining a strong base, assuming the right stance, drawing power from the ground and to your knuckles, while puffing out some air, while being careful not to over-commit…

    When you get past the basics though, a punch is just that – a punch. No longer complicated. Those complicated steps that make a perfect punch just become subconscious and automatic.

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