The Icepick Grip! (Versus other grips)

Let’s talk a bit about the Icepick grip for knife fighting! There will be more videos on this down the road. There! two hours working on this (that includes recording …

2 thoughts on “The Icepick Grip! (Versus other grips)

  1. Caleb Goodrich says:

    I personally prefer the sabre grip when I spar, I think it is faster to use and harder to be disarmed, you made some good points on the pros and cons on both grips though. Awesome video though

  2. Arthurian Historian says:

    I know some knives (mostly folding but I've seen a few fixed as well) will have a slightly curved handle, so the blade points up and forward. Those tend to make a strong thrust with the sword grip easier, and allows you to make a punching motion rather than a true thrusting motion.

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