The “Hunted” movie Knife

Budget version of the Tom Brown Tracker Knife used in the movie “The Hunted”. The “Hunted” Sweeper Tracker camping knife. The kind of knife you wont mind …

8 thoughts on “The “Hunted” movie Knife

  1. HP TV says:

    Love the Hunted one of my favorite movies. Tom Brown knife is not a Survival knife though. I don't know if you heard of mora knives or condor knives. They are the cheapest knife you can get, but man they last. I have all types of knives and I always go back to them. If you don't own one you need to and I'm telling you they are cheap, like gas money cheap. I just sent a mora knife to a buddy of mine up in Kentucky he used mine and feel in love! Oh if you do buy one get it with the red wooded handle.

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