The Hunted Knife Throw, Is It Possible?



The Hunted Knife Throw, Is It Possible? by WolfPack Survival. In this video i will be showing you The Hunted Knife Throw, in order to find out if it’s possible to do …

32 thoughts on “The Hunted Knife Throw, Is It Possible?

  1. Jocelyn Brisebois says:

    you spin the knife, it doesn't. I saw a knife thrower without turning, but it was a metal blade made in one piece like the one you have with tape around the handle and it put the tip of his index finger on the point of balance of the knife (about in the middle) and he hold the knife by the handle he throws the knife with his index finger above the blade and when the knife leaves his hand, he lets his index finger rub on the top of the blade handle by pushing down , it cancels the spinning

  2. Dog Man says:

    Okay an American wild west move with John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, in the move "EL Dorado" James Caan plays a LA man with a knife throw from behind his neck. I was a kid and worked on that for years into and through High school with no luck. Suggestions, for how to master and in my case perform this throw? Thanks also another move which you stated was the – magnificent Seven 1960 – shown by James Coburn here is I hope a clip you can see as you may need to add the first part then at 31:00 time starts as you have demonstrated so correctly.
    May need to add http :// at the beginning

  3. Nick Beaudry says:

    There's so many variables to a throw like that. That's not even counting the tree and species of wood weather time of year etc. It must've been soft or rotting wood to go through it like that.

  4. jareth05 says:

    I don't know if you made that knife, but I can guarantee there are some balance issues with that thing. I understand forging your own blade is good. However If you're going to go with tracker knives you want tops always.

  5. david williams says:

    Here's the thing though, and I haven't read anyone elses comment but in the film the knife is thrown dead…The knife might do a half rotation but def no more than that…So honestly the way your doin this is all wrong…But the way you did it, is pretty damn hard also…so no points taken away.

  6. John Parkhurst says:

    one week ago and your jsut now talking about the hunted? what year did the movie come out.. ffs…โ€ฆ where have you guys been.. in a fucking cubical? notice how this guy stands behind the tree? because blades bounce when I was a young lad I was throwing knives and had one bounce back and stick me in the ribs!

  7. BushCraftBums says:

    Nice work! I studied Sayok Kali for a while, I went ta few seminars with the guys who did the Choreography for the hunted.. I never got in to throwing! THose are some impressive skills you got there!

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