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  1. Orion says:

    while I applaud the makers of The Hunted on depicting a realistic hand drill friction fire scene (almost no one does that realistically from all the movies I have seen) I cannot see how they thought anyone could use a camp fire to forge a knife. Still not a deal breaker just a little disappointing that they could get some things right and somethings wrong.

  2. MaharlikaAWA says:

    I bet Doug Marcaida showed up later and was like "It will keeelllll…" and then the other two judges made negative comments about how the full tang was too thin, or the edge had some rough parts but overall it was a good knife and felt well balanced.

  3. MaharlikaAWA says:

    Honestly, I would have just stolen a credit card or something and ordered a cheap knife off of Amazon and sent it to some random address and picked it up in a couple of days.

  4. John Robinson says:

    It is them and nature. No weapons, only what they can make. The blacksmithing was creative, and the knife outlasted the other. However, the stone knife was sharper.

  5. Daniel Anderson says:

    this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen in a movie. nobody with any kind of military of law enforcement training would be stupid enough to stay in one spot out in the open and create a giant smoke signal to allow the flying helicopters to find him.

  6. Luis A says:

    The scene is completly plausible, its ok steel, and in the improvised forge, its not just a camping fire, you can see that its an improvised half oven, if you focus heat, you can get temp to forge a knife, also he found a straight piece of steel, and water heatreatment in is not ideal, but possible, not that far fetched scene..

    I would made a couple spears with hardwood, and a club, basic, but just as effective..

  7. nibb nibb says:

    Well, im a blacksmith, and i think the forgott to show some things in this to make a knife out of that 5160 spri gsteel. First of. … putting a piece thick like this in a coal and ember based fire??? Its not going to do jack shit for the steel. It need oxygen to make enough heat,and not only in small puffs that you can do withnypur mouth,you need continous stream so no,mouth is not enough. And i did not se any blowers in that scene or no leather or skins so he couldnt have done that. Sorry, first movie misstake,

    Second, when u hit that fake yellow heated steel with another piece of springsteel is not going to flatten the steel or shape it how its done in the scene. Ive tried it and its a dissater to do it. It only makes markes and jacks in the blade that you cant even grind out. It basically destroys the knife. And its not going to be usefull any way. And the way that cutting edge is shaped it with a hammer,not a peice of flat iron. So no,,,its not possible.

    Third,,,, using a rock or a cliff as a anvil will make a warped blade and not that nice and rounded flat edge. And once again,,hitting it with a peice of flat iron isnt helping the blade,only making it worse. You need a flat surface with a small curve in it to make that. So no,not possible.

    Fourth,,, hmmm. Quench in icecold water will make it brittle and most likely to crack and not be usefull as a cutting tool for flesh and bone. Oil is the ticket for this springsteel and tempering. Here is how you make a propper hardening of a springsteel blade. … heat the blade up to nonmagnetic or bright yellow,somewere between red and yellow,test with a magnet,non magnetic. Then down in oil,… the oil needs to be preheated to warm so crackling dont happen . NEVER EVER EVER IN COLD WATER. This is wrong and will 9 out of 10 crack your blade. So no, i dont se any warm oil anywere.

    Fifth…. that cutting edge when he trows it in to the wood when handle is wrapped. That is machine made,probably from a beltsander thenpropper way. Regarding the steels thickness its ground funny. To steep of a angle to be able to cut meat,will only slide over surface and maybe only make a dent or a small mark,and since in the movie he is cutting trough clothes and skin and flesh,that is one sharp blade,im talking razorsharp to the point of its shaving hair. Its not possible to have that sharpness from that gear he is using. U need waterstones or other sandbased stones or diamondstones. Not jacked rocks. So no again,not possible.

    Sixth…. time,time isnt possible. You have two men hunting each other in this scene. Even if benicio had 5 hours he isnt possible to make a knife like that. You would need days to prep if you dont have any gear. If you have gear you could make it in a hour perhaps but i dont se any gear. So no. And in the movie a few hours have passed due to fire and the level thatnit had burned out and amount of ash and charcoal. So no…not possible.

    Sorry william friedkin and producers and especially the people making this scene seem trustworthy,you failed most epicly and as a blacksmith and knifemaker i have tried this in real life to make a knife like this and what i ended up with was a peice of unhardened warped and bent steel. It didnt even resamle a blade.

    So no,this scene of making a knife is stupid and is a fail.

  8. carlos spicywiener says:

    Seems like dude would have been ahead of the game if he would have just bought a knife before he took off…I mean let's just say that he had to make his own knife because he knew how to make the world's best knife if I knew how to make the best knife in the world I would make it and hang on to it. You never know when the world's most awesome knife might come in handy.

  9. NPC says:

    I like this movie, but I have to call bullshit on that metal work
    There’s movie magic, then there’s this level of bullshit

  10. Viking Shaman says:

    Well, he used spring steel. Got that right, but it would take a WHOLE LOT more time to get it up to the correct temperature using a campfire. Not to mention, being able to shape it using those "tools".

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