40 thoughts on “The Hunted (8/8) Movie CLIP – Knife Fight (2003) HD

  1. uddo speck says:

    the best laugh i had, when the rambo started to forge a new knife and colonel trautman started flintknapping on the hunt. only chuck norris can forge a knife with an ordinary fire or even cold with just his fist.

  2. Johnny Hero says:

    Aaron didn't want to kill him. Aaron wanted LT to kill him, employing what he was taught by LT.

    He wanted LT to fully 'know' the price. In Aaron's mind he won by making LT kill him.

    Now, LT will realize what he has created and will have to live with it now that he has killed.

    Go back to the meaning of the snare.

  3. Mr Chewy says:

    Old spec ops mans vs young speec ops boy the old man gets cut in the stomoach , hand,neck,ear, leg, through the arm and still figting keep in mind that the old man never kill a person but the boy did

  4. 5 Dice Productions says:

    I saw this movie today and it is very underrated. I highly liked it, and it was very different. The fight scenes were badass, well-choreographed and executed, and it wasn't ruined by that new shaky cam effect which makes fight scenes look terrible and un-choreographed nowadays. I would give this movie a 3/4. I like Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones; I think they are very talented actors and BDT should be in more movies, but luckily Tommy gets in many great movies and is very well-known.:)

  5. smolkafilip says:

    That knife (BTW Tops Tracker) is rather wide. It would require formidable force to penetrate the ribcage, or he would have to carefuly place it sideways between two ribs. Both requires time and stability so it qualifies as a finishing move after you succesfully wounded and stunned your oponent. And stab under the arm or in the armpit is very dangerous since its likely to hit either brachial or subclavian artery leading to unconciousnes in 2-14 seconds. LT is very lucky that did not happen.

  6. Josef says:

    Eh, it would've gone against the momentum of the fight if he went for a stab. In other words it would have a taken a little longer to position himself to stab him, leaving him open to another blow. Take that with the adrenaline they both have in the fight they just wanted to get as many hits in as possible. Or, you could chalk it up to weak choreography but I doubt it.

  7. Royalmerc says:

    Why didn't he just stab LT in the chest at 0:29 and 1:05 instead of slashing him? And at 1:15 he goes for under the arm instead of the chest or neck. I love the style of fighting in this movie but this fight scene has always bugged me.

  8. unabomberman says:

    I get you. But, think about it this way: Hallam has been writing letters to the dude for a long, long while, just to get ignored, while–presumably–being chased by CIA hitmen–then, it turns out that the only way he gets him to pay attention is to start a massive ruckus.

    I mean, dude has no other avenues of communication with either the world or his father figure, So, if violence is what it takes for him to get noticed on a human level, I'd guess he'd take it.

    Also: Hallam is fucking nuts.

  9. DeathWishMonkey says:

    It kinda makes sense if you want to explain the stare, but I am still puzzled why he'd fight so hard against everyone else only to ask his instructor's help in assisted suicide.
    But maybe that was the point. Doesn't want to die by anyone else's unworthy hands.

  10. unabomberman says:

    Hallam gave him an out, seems to me. It is true that it is open ended, but Hallam has already beat the tar out of him in the woods, before, and let him go; and he was kicking his ass, again, but not killing him outright, and just before he gets done in he gives him that weird look and then, bam!, he's dead.

    The entire film made it look like Hallam was just itching to get smoked because the CIA just wouldn't let him be.

  11. unabomberman says:

    This scene kinda puzzles me. Hallam is kicking his ass for a second time by now, but he has him all cut up and is *just* about to do him in when he gives him that totally weird look at the end, and, next thing you know, then he gets smoked.

    I always assumed Hallam kinda thought he was toast anyways and allowed the old scrub to put him down.

  12. johnny hale says:

    and how many of you have killed a human or even gutted a animal the fact is its a movie anybody who can take that much damage and still stand like they do in the movie is amazing and if i ran across a man who could still fight all cut up fuck that ill jus walk away or run in that case but still love this movie

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