The Hunted (2003) Training Scene

An FBI deep-woods tracker captures a trained assassin who has made a sport of hunting humans. With Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio Del Toro and Connie …

42 thoughts on “The Hunted (2003) Training Scene

  1. Matthew Helm says:

    I thought it was cool until they started making their own knives. Do you know how fucking impossible it would be to make your own metal knife from scratch with nothing but stone tools and riverbank iron sludge? Sure if you knew what you were doing and had a month during which you weren't worried about being caught you could probably take care of it, as long as you have an easy enough time finding food that it's not what you're primarily doing during the day, but come on, that's stupid. No special forces in the history of humanity have ever been taught how to make knives from scratch because it's a useless technique for killing people in today's world. Leave it to the archaeologists and bushcrafters. Don't pretend SF are magicians that are capable of being a one man society.

    And if they were going to make knives they'd make stone knives. Unlike an iron knife a stone knife could be made from scratch in a few hours if you really knew you shit.

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  4. R. M. says:

    The initial scene of this movie is pure MADNESS, you kinda understand why he got totally fucked up with PTSD. This is by far the best Hollywood movie regarding knife fights.

  5. Anderson C says:

    Entertaining movie. My only criticism was that Del Toro ' s character should have been able to really defeat Tommy Lee Jones. Being in Kill mode and survival mode ask the time. putting what he was taught in practice.

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