The Hunger Games – Training Scene [HD]

recommended to watch in 720p 🙂 (seriously lol) edited to make it clear like the ones in the trailer 🙂 Follow me on twitter: 😉 No …

32 thoughts on “The Hunger Games – Training Scene [HD]

  1. Dark productions says:

    Dang marvel spear skills are 100/10 he threw a spear from hella far and still made it wow and Cato is amazing with a sword clove is the tribute I would fear the most and glimmer is ehh she probably is good with a knife and a sword or something but why would she chose a bow if she not good at it

  2. omar shah says:

    We all know Clove is the most lethal tribute we've seen, she only got killed by thresh because he approached her and grabbed her from behind, and he's like 10 times her size, ANNNND she was out of breath. Her smallest mistake was taunting katniss, but that's also what makes her so dangerous, she doesn't care, if you're in her way, she'll kill you in a heartbeat.

  3. Douglas Gomez says:

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  4. MaskedScorpio says:

    Listen, I like Clove and all, but honestly why do people comment about how smart she is? She didn't do anything in the movie or books to display how smart she is, sure she's a good killer and all but so was Cato and Marvel, and they also say how stupid Cato is, why?

  5. Real 1 says:

    Katnis saved Peetas life right there. If he didn't throw that giant weight they probably would have not let him in the careers. They probably would have just killed him.

  6. JakubH says:

    Fucking wank movie, PETAH, OH PETAH, YOU FAGGOT PETAH. Everybody is skilled in something, knives, marksman,, sword, hammers. PETAH THROW THIS ROCK PETAH, THAT WILL SHOW THEM THAT YOURE STRONG, PETAH THROW IT, OH PETAH

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