The Hinderer Investigator EDC Pen: The Full Nick Shabazz Review



The Hinderer Investigator is a small “tactical” EDC pen, designed and manufactured by Rick Hinderer, one of the Godfathers of the tactical pocketknife. Although …

34 thoughts on “The Hinderer Investigator EDC Pen: The Full Nick Shabazz Review

  1. Emjay says:

    9:00 it feels what? What was that word used? ….I'm alway looking for new words to add to my vocabulary. I totally agree with Space Pen ink. Does it write? Yes! Every time. Do you like the way it writes? No! I think Cross ink is the best.

  2. Balisongs for Breakfast says:

    I notice with my space pen cartridges, they tend to be fine with prolonged writing, but if it's in my pocket or not writing for a few hours, the tip gums up and its jumpy for the first couple lines til the gummed up crap from the roller ball is clear. idk why they gum up like that

  3. Vinny Wacchio says:

    Let’s face it. This pen is a self defense tool first and a pen second. Why would someone buy this pen if they are only going to use it for writing. Far better choices and cheaper too. The pen is not designed for those with vaseline or oil on their hands, but rather blood or mud. It is a self defense weapon that is disguised as a pen and can be used as such. However the design is oriented to its self defense use or why else sell a replacement tip that is a spike?

  4. Glock 26 says:

    Nick I always liked your reviews, but I just lost a lot of respect for you in this video. If you didn't like the self defense aspect of it, then carry a Bic. Not everyone can carry a handgun or a knife to work or lots of other environments where they are at risk. If you don't understand why/how it can be used then you're just being silly.
    Now I've got to figure out how seriously to take your videos from here out.

  5. ReclusiveMountainMan says:

    You can use fine tip fisher refills, too, in blue or black.
    Just bought the flamed titanium and stainless steel. Like it much better than the Extreme Duty Pen, because of the carry-able size.

  6. The Klamps says:

    I find the little bullet tip likes to loosen itself off periodically… Any idea what size o ring I could use for the little threads too hold it more securely?

  7. [deleted] says:

    I have issues with the ridges grabbing the material in my pocket when I access the pen, but it doesn’t hurt my hands at all. This pen must be designed for men with working hands, not soft hands made of vaginas.

  8. katumispencer says:

    I bought the stainless version of this pen and stopped using it because of the aggressive edges. Because of the o-rings, I can actually use this pen now, I also modified the "kubotan-y" pointed tip and pocket clip and now I have a pen that I actually enjoy, thanks! BTW, I installed the fine point ink cartridge and like it a lot.

  9. Sid says:

    I've had the aluminum version for almost 2 years now and I absolutely love it.
    From all the EDC pens I've tried, this is the one that keeps going in my pocket.
    I do prefer a clicker to a twist-cap but I realized that clickers tend to accidentally click on and by the end of the day, I've got black ink all over my pocket and left thigh from pulling it out activated.

    Yes, the edges are rough but in reality, after using it for a while, I should say after breaking it in, the edges become much smoother from everyday use and now I dont even like my O rings anymore!

    TL:DR – Get this pen, the aluminum version.

  10. BigThumpr1 says:

    Tactical pen? Does one need to tactically write a letter to someone? Next up, tactical toilet paper. Some people will make the dumbest shit all for the sake of a dollar.

  11. Sir Galath says:

    You should try the Böker K.I.D, perfect pen for EDC in my opinion. Lightweight, small, with a good clip and an easy to operate mechanism that wont deploy the tip by mistake as a clicky. Maybe the finishing on it will be a little less fancy than you would like but at least its not that expensive (40$)

  12. Hagen von Frankenstein says:

    Hi Nick. Thanks for your unbiased and upright review of these pens!
    Appreciate it!

    After you already infected me with your affection for the Slysz Bowie, your love for the Norseman intrigued me also… although, to be honest, it took a little bit longer until that very special beauty had some effect on me. So the Rask is ordered now and the days are getting counted from now on.

    Which brings me to something completely different:
    What is your take on Reate knives? (One just has to bridge waiting time and as I can't use alcohol all the time, the Horizon D CF thankfully jumped in to help).

  13. cloudcleaver23 says:

    Gotta disagree about clicky versus twist-cap pens. I hate having to use two hands to get a pen into action, and having to keep track of a loose part is a no-go for me. I have one of these Investigators stuck in a little emergency kit because it's small, rugged, and will write anywhere, but I wouldn't really call it an EDC pen unless you hardly ever write.

  14. Michael Hernandez says:

    The pen is definitely designed for only the fisher space pen refill, which was the main reason I sold my investigator pens (I had never tried a fisher space pen before). But I've seen that you can modify Uniball jet stream multi-pen refills and Pilot Hi Tec C Coleto refills to fit the pen if you're up for tracking those refills down and modifying them to fit. At the time I wasn't up to the task, and it was less of a headache to sell them. But I admit, I miss the pen just because of how small it was and how easily it disappeared in the pocket. If that interests you can I try and track down where I saw that and comment with the link.

    EDIT – Quick note on the clip. I've had two of these pens from two different vendors (ordered a brass one, then magically found a copper one new for sale and ordered it before the brass arrived since I wanted copper to begin with), and both came with the "lip" of the pocket clip really, really high. I would have said the raised lip of the clip was bad because it was bent so far out (in contrast to yours that was more horizontal)– it was catching on my shirts, scratching up furniture I leaned too close to, etc. That said, the clip you have on the used pen seems very different than the clip on the brand new ones I received in January, so it's possible the previous owner bent the lip of the clip down.

  15. Mlc_97 says:

    I agree, i ordered mine in steel and i felt that the cap got loose all the time, then when i looked at the packaging two weeks later, i realized that it came with 1 o-ring, so that was pretty nice. also great mod for the bulettip, i hate it, so i might do it, its great with a rite in the rain notebook, and i use it for school all the time. The bold insert is crap so i might buy the fine instead. but all in all a great pen for the money 😀

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