The Greatest Japanese Movie Sword Fight OF ALL TIME!

The film is “Zatoichi Challenged” & the final duel is my favorite Japanese movie sword fight, a masterpiece of action & drama. The mystique & beauty of the …

24 thoughts on “The Greatest Japanese Movie Sword Fight OF ALL TIME!

  1. Andrew says:

    I'm going to humbly disagree and say that the final show down at the end of Samurai Rebellion which starred Toshiro Mifune and also happened to come out in 1967 is the greatest sword fight in cinematic history.

  2. Erocknrolla says:

    the samurai realized he was about to strike down an unarmed blind man in order to kill a civilian father in front of his child and wife and it suddenly dawned on him "just wtf am I doing?" to follow the Bushido or to follow some order?

  3. Mark Marpert says:

    wonderful! It's Jack The Ripper Moments to feel! My blood freezes to ice, eischocking moments! Respiratory arrest every second, but the samurai shows what the dignity and honor of a Smurai is worth! Both came out of the fight as worthy winners! A real samurai clip!

  4. 吉田実 says:


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