“The Four Phases” (Gracie Women Empowered DVD Sample Clip)

Women Empowered is the official Gracie self-defense program for women. Originally, this 15-lesson program could only be accessed at the Gracie Academy in …

8 thoughts on ““The Four Phases” (Gracie Women Empowered DVD Sample Clip)

  1. disturbed1316 says:

    Yes, Nola213 is correct. The slap is not meant to knock the person out, but is more of a distraction attack to give you a few seconds to escape the situation. The slap should be directed to the ear/temple area of the head. If you try to aim for the cheek, you will only cause the attacker to become more aggressive. When standing, the slap is not your ordinary TV slap: your torso, shoulders, and arm all come around for the slap.
    Definitely the best women's self defense course out there!!!

  2. Nola213 says:

    I think the slap is designed to hit the ear and use concussive force to to throw off the attackers equalibrium. They're are not saying slap him in the face. The slap "I believe" haven't seen but the quick clip in this video" is aimed for the ear? Can be VERY devastating, even with minimal power. As there's tons of nerves in your ear canal that help you with balance ect. Sure palm to the nose, eye gouge all good stuff.

    Guys thanks for making these for few for everyone to see.

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