The Four Day, Six Meter, Knife Throwing Challenge from Hell

On Halloween, TheCombat KnifeThrower challenged The Bladed Broad (aka Kimberly) and I to a difficult challenge involving throwing knives from 6 meters, …

34 thoughts on “The Four Day, Six Meter, Knife Throwing Challenge from Hell

  1. John Brown says:

    That guy edited his video then challenged…
    I have been challenging all of you and nobody has the cojones to complete it!

    Throw Combat speed…
    I broke my Ziel Magnum by John Bailey…
    How many knives have you three broke?

    Knife Throwing was meant for combat and hunting.

  2. MrCrumpets says:

    now use only a butter knife for the challenge nothing else 🙂 Also I have a tip, im a begginer so this may not work but release the knife when it is pointing str8 towards the target and use ur index finger to push down on the end this works better for me and it doesnt have a chance of backspin EDIT: I tried at a longer range and the way i did it doesnt work the way u do it works perfect so nvm about that

  3. brad harriott says:

    omg you're my favourite youtuber literally only watch your channel, I started throwing knives after watching you. just watched this video and maybe it was just the video but did you break one of your knives? one more question what are the best kind of knives for a beginner smaller or bigger?

  4. TheWhiteShogun says:

    Miss i want to say your determination is an inspiration and I want to say you are what I love to see on youtube, someone who enjoys what they do and wants to show the world.

  5. TheSammyShow says:

    Hey Colette! I hope you see this, I'm a knife thrower and I am pretty good at rotational throwing but I can't do No spin. If you could ( I know this is a lot to ask ) make a no spin video teaching step by step how to throw no spin thank you!

  6. Paul G says:

    I love this girl I was ready to give up but she has inspired me to never give up. I just wish I could talk to her direct to get a few pointers. I'm Australian and we don't have any knife throwing clubs here

  7. derp man says:

    that sound, "THUNK!" i love it, amazing skill. imagine if it was someones face, like a horrible metal lightning bolt >_>. very cool showing the angles while throwing and how to do it, thanks!

  8. Don Bouquet says:

    Here is a tip: Add 4 drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid to a 32 oz spray bottle and spray the face of end grain targets before each use. The soap seems to assist softening of the wood fibers.

  9. Lian Akamori says:

    Just watching you give the best to the challenge made me get frusturated and i cannot imagine how frusturated you felt, anyways, Thank you so much for the new video Xolette! it impressed all of us the fact that you tryed not to give up, but heres a lecture "If what you overcome makes you strong, what overcomes you makes you stronger". We are all happy to see a new video from you and we will be here when a newer one comes out 😉
    Thank you!
    Ps – I'll try to do the challenge, but i do not guarantee nothing c; …..

  10. Anr Daemon says:

    A little OT: What video editor you're using? And how it is on your eyes? I've tried DaVinci Resolve, its light grey on dark grey absolutely illegible.
    Sticking to EDIUS now. At lest, it has green'ish background.

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