The Four Best Bushcraft Saws

This video takes a look at four really good bushcraft and wilderness survival type saws. These saws are all great pieces of survival gear and will do a lot to help …

35 thoughts on “The Four Best Bushcraft Saws

  1. RedWhite&Blue 78 says:

    This review is 4 years old… These 4 saws are junk, and don't perform as well as you'd think…
    I recently found the saw for my system that works far beyond my expectations… SILKY BIGBOY, OR SILKY GOMBOY

  2. I Beam says:

    Thinking outside the box a little bit, but what about the Milkwaukee Tool folding saws that take Sawzall blades (of any variety you dream up) It weighs just under 7 ounces with a blade in it.

  3. quercus says:

    The Sven saw makes a nice weapon when folded up. Can be marked for measuring tracks. Put a notch in the metal and it can be used as a pot lifter. Just a few of the things it can be used for. Good video,Thank you

  4. gotsteem says:

    The Sven comes in a 21" and a 15". I have both and they both work great. The 15 goes right in the pack nicely without popping up and out. Looks like you have the 21 in your video. Also it's sven, like the sveedish name not seven.. Thanks for the video, nice review!

  5. yellowjacketf4i says:

    The sven saw is hands down the best folding camp saw I have ever used.  I've used the chain type and the type that extends.  Nothing beats the Sven saw, and to top it all, its made in USA too. My grandfather had the old version of the sven saw from the 60's… Amazon has the best deal on the sven saw, that's where I got mine. I have heard of counterfeits being out there.

  6. Paul'ie 4X says:

    Thank You very much, a great video, I have (2) keyhole saw's, and yes they do work good, one is a folding one, and the husky is similar to your's, and it came with a sheath (cheap) but it work's, then I like the aluminum buck saw's, there is one called the BOB'S Saw, I think, what I like about it, there are no wing nut's to use, or loose, the wooden handle flips down, and it tighten's the blade, but I also think the Bacho Laplander has compition, I just got, in fact today, a Wicked Tough Folding Saw, it's made by Wicked Tree Gear, the reason I got it over the Laplander, I saw a video where a guy lite chopped with it, it's that tough, but I really enjoyed your video, good job, and have a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year.

  7. bibleprophecy1st says:

    I totally disagree. You cab carry a couple of 25" bow saw blades that weigh almost nothing and take up no room in you pack and make a buck saw in about 20 minutes with a couple of key rings and a 5 foot peice of bank line or para cord. Much lighter and cuts better and faster tyen any of those saws. I have a light weight Laplander to use to build the nessary tools for survival as Mors Kochanski would tell you.

  8. John Ossendorf says:

    Spend the money on a Silky. I had a Laplander and loved it, thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, till I lost it. Then I bought a Silky Gomboy 210mm M teeth. I still think the Laplander is a good saw, but the Silky Gomboy is better ! I also have a Bigboy 360mm L teeth that I would confidently put up against any saw in this video (not a bow saw fan), and a Genki Temagari 500mm XL teeth, that is the closest thing to a man powered chainsaw I have ever used. It is very expensive but in my experience well worth the money if you want to cut bigger hard wood around 10". If the Genki was in this video, it would be the gun in the knife fight. VERRY IMPORTANT Silky saws are PULL SAWS and only cut on the pull stroke. the push stroke is only a return with no power. Treat these saws right and they will not bend or break.

  9. East Coast Bushcraft And Survival says:

    I Have a Laplander and a sawvivor myself. I got the sawvivor about two months ago and I love it. A small locally owned hardware store has 5 or 6 of them that never sold, the packages are a very faded which makes me think they have been there for a long time. Im glad I found them and bought two. But JJ i think there might be a small issue with your Laplander. It looked to me that you can open it without pushing the button. It is suppose to lock closed as well as open.

  10. Whiskey River says:

    Google "Bob Dustrude's Quick Buck Saw". You may change your mind. Three sizes to choose from, and they can be put together with one hand. You can find them at Four Dog Stove Company.

  11. Judge Roy Bean says:

    Just my humble opinion but I use the 15" Sven saw (not the 21" model in the vid) and it is amazing. Stores at 17" long and is attached to the back of my machete scabord, both fitting neatly in my pack.

  12. Carl Yaney says:

    I have 2 Bahco Laplanders, but I can't find the original Bahco replacement blades anywhere, so I bought 2 Silky saws which are metal framed and have awesome blades that I can find on Amazon and several other places.

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