The Forbidden Kingdom



Individually, they’ve starred in the most adrenaline-pumping martial-arts adventures ever. Together for the first time, Jet Li and Jackie Chan join forces to create …

21 thoughts on “The Forbidden Kingdom

  1. Ayd says:

    awesome movie, is not the great production nor the greatest script but it make my 15 year old son stay in the sofa to watch, he was saying "old movies are bored" and i had to beg him because apparently fiction movies are the only cool to watch, but this movie help me on the quarantine to stay home and enjoy time with family

  2. Speculative Dude Reviews says:

    I think this movie is vastly underrated. Yes maybe it is slightly annoying that Jacky and Jet are not the "main" characters, but I feel that if someone had tried to make one or both of them the main then it would have ended up with one overshadowing the other, as it stands they both kick ass equally I feel.

  3. Alexa Ly says:

    The scene where both Li & Chan were discussing that he wasn't Chinese, Liu must've tried so hard not to laugh at that scene because she knew exactly what they were saying. I would too if I were her. LOL!! xD

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