The finished forged combat knife



This is the finished forged combat knife. 5160 steel, hardened and tempered to about Rc 58-59 (according to the tempering tables I’ve found online). My thanks …

36 thoughts on “The finished forged combat knife

  1. Andrew Martin says:

    For an epoxy, my dad and I use Gorilla Glue when we re-handle Cold Steel products. It keeps a tight grip and can waterproof leather, which we use often. It also acts as a slight shock absorbent. 

  2. TheTrock121 says:

    Love the knife! Your belt sander reminded me of my band saw. I've lit my woodworking sander on fire twice, and have been thinking of building a belt sander, but I'm curious if you know if it would be possible to mount a 1" belt on a band saw.

  3. actionjksn says:

    I can't believe this, I was just mixing epoxy the other day and I used a pop can just like on the video. I thought I was the inventor of that trick. I away tear off the pull tab so it will sit flat.

  4. teagm003 says:

    Sorry but this really bugged me. That tool you have to put a thread on things, it's called a die, not a tap and die. A tap is to put a thread on the inside of things, say if you wanted to make yourself a nut or something… Other than that nice video, really like the knife too.

  5. molle232 says:

    So how did the steel turn out like a gun blued finish almost black did you do something else to the blade you didn't show us and why does the blade have pitting marks in it just above the gaurd why wouldn't you have cleaned them up before tempering???? Other than that,it's a beautiful blade!

  6. Jotra says:

    Many people make wooden handles.. im wondering how rubber ones are make. And you're combat knife would surely look better with a rubber handle! Nicely done and good job!

  7. Mark Lowry says:

    @versatilechicken This particular knife is made of 5160 steel, but I've made plenty of knives out of O1. As far as price…I don't know. For the amount of work, I'd say a couple hundred bucks, I guess, but this one isn't for sale. 🙂

  8. RDPproject says:

    Your very welcome mate. Im glad to have added my very little bit
    to this fine creation.
    That brass end piece is really nice. With the bronze and the brass…this is going to look really REALLY good.
    05:11 …Success!!
    Over all Mark…..Bloody good work.
    That Olive wood really does set the whole thing off. The layering of the guard steel reminds me of the Seppa's (spacers) and the Tsuka's (guard) on Japanese Katanas.


  9. Sean Mulhall says:

    Lovely finished knife. I assumed all the way through the videos you were going to file the metal shims down to meet the wood, but actually on the finished knife I think they look pretty cool.

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