The Fighting Machete

Machetes are some of the most common and useful tools in the world. They are used on ranches, farms and orchards or wherever thick brush or dense jungle …

24 thoughts on “The Fighting Machete

  1. Ayako's Channel says:

    Cool video! How about is fighting 2 machetes in both hands?? That makes better balance, better protection, faster hits ^^ CS Machetes is good for self defense ^^ Personal favourite CS Machetes r CS Latin Machete 18" ^_^

  2. Connor Jones says:

    Have any of you guys ever considered learning eskrima. I know you do martial arts so i was just wondering if you ever had any experience with it or wanted to try it. It uses padded medal rods but 90% of the techniques can me translated to other similar shaped weapons.

  3. alsatian9130 says:

    but yes I carry a machete to defend myself at times. My throwing knives. My throwing tomahawk. My large tanto. I make my own sheaths / scabbards. I carry many of the above on just ordinary trips. I am a geeky, loving, funny person, yet everyone wonders, why?? do you carry those?? Let me sum it all up balubauba. Those people who stare or call names, or are scared of those who carry weapons, THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOU, and they are PISSED they cannot. I mean, THEY REALLY WANT TO CONTROL YOU.

  4. alsatian9130 says:

    in America, I don't care what anyone thinks. I carry what I need, when I need, why I need. That is none of anyone's fucking business. As long as I am not a threat to myself, life, or property, I live by GOD's laws the best I possibly can. To answer your question now, here in USA, everybody is in everybodys business. People call the police 3-5 times a day for any or no reason at all. If you don't live EXACTLY as they want you to, you are looked at as terrorist, crazy, etc. … –>

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