28 thoughts on “The Fight at Tactical Response

  1. Bryon Ensminger says:

    where I Train it's called fighting pistol and is ran buy a retired swat team member with lots of real life experience and even though you know it's not a real ( GSW ) the first time you feel that sting you just about shit you'd self

  2. Jon English says:

    That series of shotgun videos you did with James Yeager was some of the best stuff i have ever seen on youtube. If you get a chance that federal flite control wad is amazing. Cheers

  3. j smith says:

    Force on Force Scenarios is nothing more than simulation. Unfortunately, the real world is not a simulation. You might have a chance 1 on 1, maybe but more likely going to be 3 or 4 on one. Good luck.

  4. Nu B says:

    For citizen journalism, try Steemit, it's decentralized, uses cryptology, is censorship resistant. Unlike Reddit and other social media platform it pays you for producing contents. Give it a try.

  5. Luke Keast says:

    Nice click bait, Fyi you don't need to have met someone in person, traded or trained with them to form an opinion of them, you just have to watch a couple of their youtube videos and see the title and title pictures they use, hence why we have eyes and ears. gg California, soon you guys will be communist slave state like us down here in Australia since they took our gun 19 years ago.

  6. Jose Capablanca says:

    hey billy I met u yesterday at BNA I was the tsa officer who spoke to you about training at tactical response. I'd really like to pick your brain on some of the training I've been planning on doing. if u could message me or email me that would be great lmk of u want my email. thanks

  7. Jack Attack says:

    I think the most under emphasized aspect of combatives, be it armed or open hand, is the combat mindset. Most people who have guns just dont have the right mindset to dominate a situation, use any level of violence required, and have gone through mentally what they are going to do with the right attitude.

    example : someone breaks into your home "oh shit, grab my gun, someone might kill me"
    example 2 : "you broke into the wrong house and im gonna kill all of you"

    one mindset is fear based, the other is combat/warrior mindset that will win.

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