The Fascinating Story of How the Bowie Knife Got Its Name



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35 thoughts on “The Fascinating Story of How the Bowie Knife Got Its Name

  1. Michel Kahil says:

    As a bladesmith and a knifefighter, I can tell you that a balanced knife is preceded and if the overall weight of the knife is heavy enough the balance of it won’t make much of a difference in close quarters. An identifying characteristic of the Bart Moore Bowie knife and the Black bro Bowie knife was the sharpened clip of the blade which was used as the primary cutting edge of the weapon and the long sharpened part was what is known as a “back cut.” That refers to using the actual blade to make quick flicking cuts while the clip was used for slashes and stabs. The reason for this is simple. When the Bowie knife is held in the reverse it can be used to parry blows and to catch and opponents blade without fear of ruining the cutting edge of the blade. The clip ,therefore, acts as a claw or and makes deeper gouges and punctures. The curve of the actual cutting edge when applied makes long lateral cuts when whipped on the arms or hands. These were expensive weapons and tools, and to go blade to blade with another knife can permanently damage your weapon. So, you fought with the spine toward the enemy and sharpened clip as the main weapon. This is the ideal way to use a Bowie, in practice it may not have been the case.

  2. Anthony Williams says:

    The advantage of a bowie over other knives of the time was indeed it's utilitarian nature aside from it's fighting ability, many people until that point would just use their food prep knife butchers knife or even a hatchet because they didn't want to carry a dagger or other combat specific blade, the bowie in many ways is akin to the Kukhri in his that is a versatile tool and combat weapon

  3. Roger Borroel says:

    Bowie NEVER got to use his knife at the Alamo, for he was hiding under his bed covers, and the Mexican troops killed him there, without any resistance on his part…some hero!

  4. Andrew Eden says:

    Rezin Bowie's first name is pronounced "Reason". And this topic(the knife, the man, and his life) is ironically way more ridiculously involved than anything that could be covered in the scope of this video.

  5. InquisMalleus says:

    A "perfectly balanced sword" doesn't necessarily mean blade and hilt are of equal weight. With some double-edged swords (like Cap. Norrington's), "perfectly blanaced" means balanced between the right side and left (looking down the center on the flat side) – as he examines it looking down the center of the blade. For a single-edged, it means, with the blade down, it is balanced right and left.

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