“The False Surrender” (Gracie Women Empowered DVD Sample Clip)

Women Empowered is the official Gracie self-defense program for women. Originally, this 15-lesson program could only be accessed at the Gracie Academy in …

27 thoughts on ““The False Surrender” (Gracie Women Empowered DVD Sample Clip)

  1. Whammer79 says:

    Does anything on the DVD cover what happens if the attack takes place on a bed? A bed would limit backward movement (for the woman) and also make movement harder due to weight sinking into the mattress.

  2. dannielpreto says:

    I will ask my competitor at my next tourney if he would loosen his grip, when he does I will sweep his ass… Obviously I can't say I give up, I will say "Hold on man" he will probably be confused and loosen up so I will have the opportunity to sweep.

  3. Peter Roldan says:

    By the way, I'm glad that the Gracies made a Women Empowered DVD. When I brought a friend to take the free Women Empowered seminar at the Gracie Academy, I took notes and kept thinking, "I wish all women were here at the seminar; they NEED to know this." Now, there is a DVD taught by the great instructors, Ryron and Rener! Excellent! I feel like buying a whole bunch and giving them to all my female friends/relatives!!! Thank you guys so much!

  4. Peter Roldan says:

    I love how Rener is so passionate about Jiu-jitsu. He had to stop himself from being too excited about talking about the lesson. Hah. That's so cool. Ryron and Rener are a great team; they compliment each other so well when they are teaching. I really liked Helio Gracie's saying that Ryron mentioned about the mosquito. That makes so much sense. Keep up the great work, Ryron and Rener! You guys are amazing!!!

  5. Cesare Wright says:

    @theflyingpharaohmido – There is a section in the program that addresses this awkwardness.. It's important to understand that regardless of how awkward these positions might be while training, they are significantly more awkward when attacked and forced into them by someone on the street.. It's better to work through the awkwardness and get the necessary training in a safe environment, with someone who is trying to help (not hurt) you.

  6. hero4301 says:

    i think that this is great, i will buy this cause i have two daughters that i think will really benefit from the teaching here. i think a fathers worst fear to hear that his daughter has been raped or abused. thank for sharing guys.

  7. Nola213 says:

    LMAO at 11:40 "No, your not helpless your gonna break his face in a second then maybe choke him out with your legs for future lesson". Classic Rener.

    This is excellent stuff right here guys. Also the sparrow story was awesome. Damn Rener is cooler than Chuck Norris and Brucel Lee Combined. Well, maybe not Bruce Lee. no one's cooler than the Master. But Rener comes pretty damned close.

  8. Laith Mriesh says:

    Gracie jiu jitsu is the most effective self defense system on the plant, their teaching methodology is so real and trustworthy

    make no mistake about it a fight is not only a physical confrontation but also a psychological battle

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