The ETAK by Emerson Knives Inc



The ETAK-B features our classic Emerson conventional V-Grind paired with a razor sharp chisel edge. This beefy knife was designed specifically to be used in …

10 thoughts on “The ETAK by Emerson Knives Inc

  1. Олексій Бродовський says:

    Dear Mr. Ernest Emerson!I have great respect for your knives and the philosophy that must be nights. In such an interesting interior you have come up with something new to come up with … I have designed, use with God, as you said yourself UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL !! And even more reliable and efficient !!!

    I suggest you debug a serial knife release! "Honor to the Defenders", which is dedicated to the Ukrainian Soldiers who have been protecting Ukraine from the Russian invaders for six years now and killing !!! Knife with a strong story !!! The knife has been fighting for five years !!! actually tested !!!

    With the knife "Honor Defenders" you will make a blast and revolution in the new world and follow your plans

  2. DOITNOW00 says:

    Mr Emerson you must be a doctor for the hands, because every time I hold an Emerson knife, my hand stops shaking even facing the greatest difficulties in life! Also please make a fixed blade ETAK, that knife is too good to be only a folder! Thanks!

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