THE DRAW | How to develop a smooth draw while at home



Now is a great time to practice and develop a really smooth and consistent draw! Being able to draw your gun from its holster is the first step in being a good …

16 thoughts on “THE DRAW | How to develop a smooth draw while at home

  1. Irish Rose says:

    Great video once range does not allow holster draw so this will be what will train at home. Im glad to watch this because once again since i have not done it. I know have a proper learning reference from you. Thank you.

  2. KING JAY says:

    I honestly wish you and your boyfriend where in Virginia Beach Virginia teaching weapons safety and defense I would sign up. You all make it so understandable.

  3. Karl says:

    I have been taking defensive pistol courses by a long time LEO and firearms trainer. Looks just like what you guys have shown here. Good job!

  4. Black Bart says:

    Excellent content! Something to save lives with right there! Watching the active self protection series is also a great way to get multiple info on just how quick and dangerous situations can be as well keeping in mind self awareness.
    An excellent point that you guys brought up was tilting the gun out for clearance right after the draw as well immediately getting the gun down range after the draw! These video’s you and Mac are doing some great things for people!
    Thank you for your time and efforts!

  5. cdLady54 _ says:

    Excellent and right on time video! As a first grader now to guns, I so needed this. Our ranges are closed also, and I can't shake the thought of how would I get my gun drawn to defend myself – wait bad guy let me get my gun? One good thing, our range now offers a class on how to draw and you get to practice on the range. I also have a waistband holster and this will help me not be a befuddle drawer. I am decent at hand to hand and unfortunately had to use that in 1983 when 2 men attempted to attack me (wife of Vietnam War Veteran – mandatory hand maneuvers came in handy that day).
    It was their day of regret! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Mario Monti says:

    Love these refresher videos, I haven't been able to get to the range in a good year.
    Since the kiddo is home, I don't like her to see what I am up to. At least not yet.

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