The Demonstration of Close Quarter Combat by HKCQC



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37 thoughts on “The Demonstration of Close Quarter Combat by HKCQC

  1. VicariousReality says:

    Pretty good. There are a few criticisms I have with some of the techniques (E.g. you should never take your eyes off the gun until you fully hold it), and it could've incorporate some more striking (Like using an outward pistol whip swing as you turn to face your opponent once you get the pistol, which would've been the perfect finisher for the 3:46 technique), but overall, it still follows safe, practical, and guaranteed guidelines, such as controlling the gun first and foremost while simultaneous getting out of the line of fire.

  2. Simon Pitt says:

    Nobody carrys a knife unless their fucked in the head. Here in Australia you would be thrown in jail. Street fights around here are mostly bottle's, scissors and bricks.

  3. Loony Linn says:

    he demonstrates the kali and silat martial arts but in the real fight or combat that technique won’t apply. stabbing using a knife takes only 1-3 seconds and shooting using a gun takes less than a second so, how can a person defend oneself using any martial arts?

  4. Jeffrey A says:

    0:59 is so cheesy, no one points a gun in your head like that, it’s just in the movies. In real life they only point it at your head when you are about to be executed and you are immobilized or they just shoot you not wait for you to disarm them this is so dumb

  5. Eric Strickland says:

    Good techniques but if your opponent is moving and giving real resistance thats more like real life.. If both the instructor and students wore pads and both moving different storyline. Good choreagraphy. Plus if the guy is much taller, weighs more like 200 to 275 lbs different story getting that close

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