The Dart Knife | Sleeve Draw Tutorial

Get the Dart here: A quick tutorial on how to deploy a folding knife with the Emerson Wave feature. In this video we use the DART Knife by …

23 thoughts on “The Dart Knife | Sleeve Draw Tutorial

  1. chris L says:

    What I'm wondering is how easy this would be to set up in a self-defense situation, making sure to get the knife properly set up in your sleeve. Obviously, you could just keep it tucked in your sleeve and in your hand whenever you're out and about, but I doubt most people would want to do that.

  2. Ben says:

    Holy friggin AWESOME knife GN!!! Just got mine in the mail monday! I cant stop practicing with this knife. Thank you Funker Tactical & many thanks to Doug for developing this solid line.

  3. Elliot Koh says:

    Completely impractical in the real world. That reverse blade catch will very likely NOT snag clear of your clothing, and to a trained eye, it gives you away BEFORE you even pull the knife out (and we are not even talk about IF the knife clears out completely from the sleeve).

    And how are you going to get your index finger into the ring handle in the first place if the knife is supposed to be completely concealed in the sleeve.

    This product is a no-brainer and definitely a no-go.

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