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29 thoughts on “The COMPLETE SUN BREATHING SHOWCASE + DAMAGE TEST In Wistera | Wisteria

  1. FearsomeTiger86 says:

    All styles in this game are good,they are all balanced fun to play with and all the styles are rly good at their own thing some for fighting (well all of the styles and demon arts are good for pvp),grinding,trolling,group fighting and of course the styles,demon arts and the map are rly cool looking ,and thats why I like this game all styles are balanced and fun to play with,this game is the best demon slayer game in roblox.

  2. FearsomeTiger86 says:

    No its not about styles being op thats stupid,all arts and styles are good balanced and unique and all powers require coordination,timing and strategy and it takes skill and when u get better w ur art or style u can clap people easily and any art can clap any styles and any style can clap any art u dont rely on powers alone,u use powers to create opening and use ur m1 and do combos and also dont forget to dash and block bc its helps A LOT IN fights and use ur powers properply do to do rly good combos .

  3. FearsomeTiger86 says:

    Yh all styles are good balanced and take timing,strategy and skill to do good,if you master the style and know how to use it properly, the player will be very good,it depends on how well the player uses it and how much skill the player has ,it depends all on the player overall to do good, and also remember to make sure the player's levels are similar and not too far off so everyone can have a fair fight bc ofc a lvl 90 player would slap up a lvl 10 player in a fight so just remember the player u fight is similar lvl not too high and not too low lvl xD.

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