The Complete Guide To Filming Airsoft



This video will give you an insight into making Airsoft videos. I share with you some tips and some of my secrets that I use when producing my videos. Everything …

28 thoughts on “The Complete Guide To Filming Airsoft

  1. Lollingsgrad says:

    This is great; I've been interested in making my own videos for a long time. Is it possible for a scrub like me to get hold of that Git Up F1 case? Does it also allow you to mount it to a rail? Do you think the results would be noticeably better than the cheaper all-in-one solution that is the Runcam Scope Cam Lite?

  2. Fabio Gomes says:

    very show this explanatory video, I would like you to make a video explaining a little more about how to make a homemade camouflage uniform … thank you very much !!!!

  3. Xav Char says:

    Thanks so much for the tips, I was goanna get started recording gameplays but then quarantine happened. Now I know what and what not to do. But thank you again for making this video, it really means a lot.

  4. Gypsy Airsoft says:

    Great video dude and thanks for the tips , I actually just upgraded my head can to a hero 7 🙂 so hopefully when this is all over more videos will be made 🙂

  5. Wilmer Slavkof says:

    Your videos are very good Brother I congratulate you each shot is better than the previous one I did not know this sport today I would like to practice it but in my country it is impossible I congratulate you, I consider you one of the best airsoft players

  6. Alistairm Kerr says:

    Great advice was going to start filming my Airsoft game play was going to get head cam but know getting scopcam first stay safe to you and your . chilling out after work all the best

  7. CHPOUKY says:

    For editors I hardly recommend new users to go with Davinci Resolve.
    The lite version is free and can do 99% of the paid version.
    Very useful for color grading.

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