The Cold Steel TiLite VI Pocketsword: The Full, Dangerous Nick Shabazz Review



Today, I review the Cold Steel TiLite VI pocketknife. And after hearing me call it jackassy over and over again, it fights back. Also, sorry for the rough edit, …

29 thoughts on “The Cold Steel TiLite VI Pocketsword: The Full, Dangerous Nick Shabazz Review

  1. jacob kindsvatter says:

    Yeah this 6” knife is just ridiculous, I used to own one, i still have the 4” version and that’s an awesome blade to carry, but I actually got made fun of by everybody I’ve ever met for buying the 6” version, given what I said, it’s freaking awesome y’all should get one

  2. ADB 223 says:

    If I was ever in a position where I had to defend myself with a knife… This is the one I would want. Otherwise it wouldn't be coming out of my pocket.

  3. Fred S says:

    I got my .44 magnum today and went plinking. After I finish my 50 rounds box of ammo, I can tell you – I had not enoyjed at all !
    I was damn' snappy, it hurts my hanb, what it is round build for ?
    To take down a polar bears ?
    Its freaking reducuilous round !

  4. jason logue says:

    If I ever had to see you get cut in one of your awesome knife videos that's the knife I would want you to get cut by that is so fitting Lynn Thompson is even more of a badass now he didn't even have to be present to cut you

  5. ironwolfF1 says:

    The main down-side of this knife…it'll earn you an automatic stinkeye from the cop who deploys it to get a better look at it…
    …this knife screams: "I am up to no good." And in certain states, a free ride down to the Station.

  6. NetshadeX says:

    I held both the 4” and 6” in my hands and felt like a 4.5” would have been the sweet spot for me. For the style of knive I felt the 4” was slightly undersized but the 6” looked almost comically oversized so I did settle on the 4”. What sold me on it besides the look was the build quality and snappy but smooth action. Great little piece, even the zytel version.

  7. gunfuego says:

    I use this as an EDC, too many robberies / tweekers in my area and getting a CCW permit for a pistol is nearly impossible in CA and so this is the next best thing. Also you can use it as a baton first and knife second…

  8. Bill Strack says:

    Ok, I know this is an old video, but I just found it. I like the knife even better now that I saw it bite Nick S. That may be the deciding factor of me getting one. I had to watch that part several times & LMAO every time. Good info and funny. You should cut yourself more often on camera. (just kidding. don't do that).

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