The Case For & Against Mikel Arteta! | All Gunz Blazing Podcast ft DT



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39 thoughts on “The Case For & Against Mikel Arteta! | All Gunz Blazing Podcast ft DT

  1. Spurfect81 says:

    Lol, this guy said Thomas Partey push aside Hoijberg in the NLD, hahhaha, what game was he watching? Partey was indeed arsenals best player, but Hoijbjerg bossed that game from start to finish.

  2. Filip k says:

    Klopps first full season: (only PL)
    Result W L D W W W W D W W W D W L D W W W W D D L D L W L W W D W D W W L W D W W

    Position 2 9 10 5 4 4 2 4 2 3 1 2 2 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 3 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 4

  3. LD Bracken says:

    Considering all this talk of players apologizing. Does that mean we can expect the same for DT’s behavior regarding storming off? Not trying to be a dickhead, you probably won’t see this, but seems relevant. Love AFTV

  4. Manni Aujla says:

    Why Arsenal don't go and get Rafa Benitez is beyond me.. Liverpool were in a similar mess when they got him in, he has prem experience, worked miracles at Newcastle & Arsenal seem to love Spanish managers.

  5. djinn Man says:

    AFTV self delusional….Wenger top 4 not good enough, it could only get better they said. Wenger out.

    Then Unai Emery give him 3 or 4 seasons bc such a mess Wenger left us in….lasted barely a season plus.

    Then Arteta hailed as some sort of messianic genius.

    Full respect to the lads but only watch them for entertainment. 😀

  6. djinn Man says:

    Bleating "Give him time"…for what? Championship?

    You only have to look at Ancelotti appointed same time as lego hair. He inherited a far worse and incomplete squad than Arsenal's and Everton aren't exactly City's Banker…look where they at? LOL.

    Said it before coming up with clever tactics under Pep's protective skirt at City one thing …another to man manage.

    Players look lost or given up out there. Some senior players left out looks like Arteta's also losing the dressing room confidence.

    Frankly not sure how some people could convince themselves that Arteta was some sort of genius. He has not done better than Unai Emery even.

    Close to Jan window. I'd be making sure anew chap come in has the time to assess the squad quickly before going into market and that someone has dictate over bloody inexperienced but thinks he knows better Edu. Also that Arteta does not have a hand in transfers, the new bloke needs to work with what he gets in January.

    What to do? Wait for the next match against Chelsea, you know the result is going to be likely a loss.

  7. Brian Griffin says:

    Can't judge Arteta on the situation with Ozil because we don't know enough about it. If Guendouzi was allowed stay you'd be calling Arteta soft. He was praised at the time for having a firm stance. Also this idea of him having favourites who he treats differently is a myth. How do we know Xhaka hasn't apologised to him privately? He can't win.

  8. Dave.C says:

    Proper disrespectful to debate the next manager whilst still having a manager. Typical fat boy robbie. Cashed in on disrespecting wenger and now hes on it again with arteta

  9. Robin Wings says:

    What I don't get is that the majority of Arsenal fans have screamed for a radical change ever since we didn't qualify for the CL no more. Are people blind to see that radical changes need time, effort and chances to overcome darker periods? Although DT might be a little too protective in this video (but given the format of case for and against him he is entitled to do so) he is spot on when he says that another change in managers would inflict and prolong the time until we actually can achieve long-term progress. We've completely changed managerial and and BTS structures in the last 3 years. Let the club breathe man. I'd rather see us missing out on European football this season and build for a brighter futures than being reactionary like United in the last 7 years staying a Europa League club for eternity.

  10. bryanboi says:

    Guen doesn't apologize and got frozen off. Xhaka screwed the fans and doesn't apologize he conts to be in the team, gotten a stupid red card and doesn't apologize and I still don't see arteta saying anything. And whatever guen did, he's a kid and it's not even half as bad as what xhaka did. Arteta way of handling the players is appalling. How do you respect a manager with such inconsistency way of managing the players? How do you gain respect?

  11. Roger Ramjet says:

    After re-signing Auba, getting Partey, and Saka becoming a regular in an already half decent team I find it hard to buy into the ‘work in progress’ mantra. If we were just off the top four I could understand it but 15th? If a Klopp, Pep or even Ancelotti took over a year ago, would we be where we are now? There comes a time where we have to stop being a ‘project’ club and just start delivering. If you were a boxer who kept getting knocked out but said to Eddie Hearn ‘it’s a long term project’ I don’t think he’d be lining up fights for you.

  12. Tony Kelly says:

    People still aren’t understanding any pen shout offside or fouls while the ball is out of play it’s all checked by var but they just don’t give it because they don’t feel it’s deserved they check everything in the game

  13. Rash G says:

    'Liverpool were 15th in the early part of Klopps 1st full season' What a total fabrication. Pure b.s, Dt actually making up fairytales to back Arteta. Sad guy

  14. DSN 1 says:

    Who here thought it was a good idea to hire Arteta? Never wanted him as manager, unproven, inexperienced etc.. Emery had more credibility than him as manager

  15. ngunjoh jerry says:

    I don't know if Arsenal are cursed with injuries cos Thomas Partey who played loads of games and hardly been injured back in Atletico Madrid just got injured after a game and others live in injuries under this club. Gabi, Chambers, Mari etc to name a few.

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