Part 2: In this video Nick Drossos and Helen Stranzl talk and teach about the reality of knife attacks/defense and stabbings.

31 thoughts on “The BRUTAL reality of KNIFE ATTACKS/DEFENSE against STABBING [Part 1]

  1. tehdreamer says:

    This is true! I was stabbed 4 times last week by a mad junkie man who thought I was someone else, he did not give me anytime or explain what he wanted, he got close and unleashed a frenzy of stabs to my left body. I did not even know he had a knife, only after I pushed him away I saw he had a knife. And then I just fucking ran for help, the cops were nearby thankfully. I am lucky to live, one lung punctured with cut diaphragm but could have been worse. All of those bullshit stances videos and pre scripted scenarios are crap, in reality it will be a frenzy crazy shit happening. Keep distance and run!

  2. adamasadamas says:

    This makes perfect sense. All the surveilance/cellphone videos of stabbing attacks I've seen never looked like what other "Self-Defense" videos ever show. The attacks were always wild and fast. Usually the victim doesn't even know what's going on until he's already on the ground being stabbed repeatedly by some dude who pulled out a knife from behind him. Even as a kid I always wondered why in the world "self-defense" against knives looked the same and too cinematic. I hope more people see this kind of video that shows how real attacks happen so they won't rely on cinematic moves and get killed.

  3. Omar Ben says:

    Using the jacket as a ready-made weapon is a realistic way to defend oneself. I have seen and witnessed many science fiction techniques either in a dojo or in videos that serve to a definite exposure to death. However, your perception goes along with street reality……I have got a light bulb upon my head that tells me to look for a jacket similar to yours…….. Mr Drossos, your videos are amazing!!!!!!!!! thanks a lot!!!

  4. Brian West says:

    thank you for showing that because I'm like you I get tired of all these people going slow motion and I get slow motion teaches you muscle memory and then that just becomes natural but truth is and attack like that it's just chaos

  5. Mat Broomfield says:

    Every knife defence I ever saw was flawed, but complaining that they only work demonstrated slow is kind of like saying, unless you can return a 150 MPH tennis serve first time out that your tennis game is weak. You practice your skills slowly to develop the mindset and the motions, then gradually increase the intensity.
    The jacket idea is fine, but sooner or later you're going to have to exit the scene, and unless you have control of that weapon, it remains a danger to you. And frankly, that works great with a short leather jacket, which almost no one ever wears, but it seems like if she has that hate determination to just press forwards through the danger, your jacket collapses then you're dead.

  6. melissa kammers says:

    anyone that has the balls to judge or criticize your training clearly has never been in a situation to take it seriously…my aunts friend was jumped once she was out jogging a guy jumped out knocked her over lucky for her there was a car coming they stopped the guy ran off they took her in town….now she walks with my aunt she doesn't walk alone anymore!

  7. tim gersh says:

    yes there is one way that always works, if a guy comes at you with a knife then give them what they want because NOTHING IS WORTH GETTING STABBED OR CUT really anything worse then getting your feelings hurt is too much. If your teaching an expert who knows there shit than yea teach away but the normal person if they come to a blade of any kind then you gotta ask your self is a hospital trip worth $20.

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