The British Service Issue Kukri



The British Army Issue Kukri, Service Number One is current issue British Military Pattern. Note: The Tora Blades is a replica of the first BSI pattern Kukri.

27 thoughts on “The British Service Issue Kukri

  1. praveer vikram says:

    I ve a khukhri abt 30 urs old. Its total
    length is 18 inches. The handle is made of deer horn. It seems pretty old nd very rugged made traditionally. I was a kid back then nd didn't know its value.
    Now, I m going to clean it nd restore it.

  2. nick song says:

    great information but i dont like chopping apples .. khukuri isnt home knife… or an axe to chop wood.. it is for killing or chopping someone off… i am not telling you to demonstrate chopping anyone which is alive but you should have chopped whole pork or maybe meat with bones

  3. Infamous_ Misuse says:

    Whats up with all this chopping and slicing…its never about khukuri its about the person who uses it…and most of all its our tradition…no one would be compatible with khikuri except gurkhas

  4. Adam Forbes says:

    People, fighting knives are not meant to be razor sharp. You ever wonder why axes are not super sharp? Sharp knifes are for delicate work. When you need a blade to be able to punch through body armor, bone, while also opening cans and boxes, it needs to be a tough edge. Sharp enough to get the job done, but dull enough to be resistant to impact.

  5. Joe Kurtz says:

    Just got a British desert DPM shirt. A bit short,160×104, but has the Royal Ghurka Rifles kukri patch on right sleeve.. I'm gonna keep it for the unit history. Small stature Studs . Now I gotta find a kukr blade i set..

  6. PR P says:

    They served well in Afghanistan. Brave Gorkhas. Proud of them that they did a good job in Afghanistan. They are like tigers, their reputation reaches the enemy first then the enemy has to decide whether to run or surrender.

  7. W P says:

    Devnagiri script or Negari script?
    The script clearly mentioned "Shree 3 Chandra" i.e. Shree 3Chandra Shamsher Junga Bahadur Rana, from the aristocratic Rana family, who had ruled Nepal from 1901AD-1929 AD.

  8. Bushcraft Jon says:

    If you're in a stand off with a gurkah and he pulls his kukri, you know you're in trouble. Hell, you know you're in trouble when you know you're facing a gurkah

  9. Barry Foster says:

    My dad was a WWII Royal Marine Commando, he told me lots of great stories about the Gurkha’s although I served with the 22nd Reg I really never came across any Gurkha’s unfortunately

  10. Ralph Anderson says:

    Mr Sweet Costarica,
    First time I have seen your hands without gloves on. You do need some practice in striking in the same place twice.
    " Tora Blades"" Didn't win.!!!!! .one would think that an expert like you would know that dozens of different types of khukuri's were used in WW 11.
    Those that subscribe to this man, beware of Tora blade's, They are Rip you off.

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