45 thoughts on “THE BOLT RIFLE IS DEAD!

  1. JK Grooms says:

    I bought an Accuracy International AT308 – only to regret I didn’t buy the FN 20s. Both are $4500+ rifles. The AT barrels are heavier and interchangeable – lending to slightly improved accuracy at very long range. But is that really necessary especially given the already limited ballistics of 308. I see your point. One advantage to the bolt I do see is that when the government takes the semis – which is a very distinct possibility in today’s progressive political climate – you will still have your bolt gun.

  2. Beaux Dup says:

    I was wondering when someone would bring this up? I think especially for most common folk such as myself when you can't afford 200 guns, why bother? Get a good semi auto and be done.

  3. The Over/UnderThinker says:

    Yeager loves to start out with a bold statement that sounds a little out there and then his reasoning is pretty good within the confines that he is talking about. You just have to ignore the headline and focus on the meat of what he is saying and it makes sense.

  4. Maelstrom8 says:

    I love that James keeps backup irons on his AR-10. A lot of folks keep them off because red dots have become very reliable. Still, I prefer to have backup irons. Call me old fashioned. Good video.

  5. Sniper 1 says:

    A bolt gun Is to the gun community is what a manual transmission is to the car community. There’s a certain connection that you feel to the gun when you’re able to operate the bolt manually. If you’re talking about accuracy then James is right there’s not much of a difference between the bolt gun and the semi auto but from a tactical perspective you generally get a larger mag capacity and are able to shoot at a greater rate of fire with a semi auto

  6. X-RING says:

    Great topic James. I have never commented on your channel. I completely disagree with you on this one and here is why. The precision rifle (bolt gun) market is one of the fastest growing segments in the shooting sports. While the semi-autos have gotten better, they cannot duplicate the ability of the bolt gun for long range engagements. I just came back from shooting the Hornady PRC challenge last week in Utah, which has since been heralded as the hardest PRS shot in the country. Of the 182 shooters, only 3 competitors used a gas gun. The highest finish for a gas gun was 51st out of 182! Think about that for a second. Now think about the fact that this was from an active duty Army Marksmanship Unit shooter! So, while the topic is great, the precision rifle (bolt gun) is alive and well and cannot be matched by gas guns for precision shooting. X-Ring

  7. jessemeanlt1 says:

    I like bolt action, but you are right. How ever us gun guys don't have 1 gun so different lament colors, different woods, sling barrel lengths, etc. Because you can. If you know how many guns you have… .. you dont have enough.

  8. Daniel Marshall says:

    Yes … I am here to hear your opinion Mr Yeager, because over the years your opinion to my mind has been pretty much right on the money. Also you have evolved and shared your learning which in it's self is glorious, so thank you as always and all the best.

  9. Victor Waddell says:

    I watched this video twice before commeting. And while I generally agree , there are plenty of bolt guns chambered in .308 in the hands of gun owners that are fit for purpse and shouldn't be discarded . Can an AR 10 shoot as accurately as a turnbolt ? Certainly . Is the AR 10 a better choice in close quarters combat than a turnbolt 308? Definately . But a reliable AR 10 costs many times the the cost of a reliable turnbolt 308. Better to buy a turnbolt 308 for longer range shooting and an AR 15 for CQB . An AR 15 chambered in 5.56 / 223 Wylde and a turnbolt chambered in 308 could be had for the price of a reliable AR 10.

  10. 911life says:

    Can’t argue with this video. I’ve been wanting a good accurate 6.5 creedmore and have been considering the savage 110 with a magpul hunter stock but it’s hard to argue it against the AR10. The only niche I see is the ‘sniper’ niche in the really big calibers like 300 Winn mag…. but I’m not a sniper… so…. yeah… lol

  11. Arluvr 1 says:

    I went and bought a savage 110 BA stealth in 300, put a leupold mark 4 on it, and it was a waste of money I wish I would have bought a semi auto in 308. I’m not good at shooting a rifle like that at long distance.

  12. Better Call Jake says:

    You’re right. Not arguing. But like the old lever actions, the stick shifts still have some nostalgia on them. They are fun. Would I go to war with one today? Absolutely not. But I’ll still keep one for shooting coyotes and a lever gun for riding fences. Just my opinion.

  13. Nate Nizz says:

    How does a bolt action compare to a semi auto at longer distances? A one inch group at 100 yards seems to be the standard, but that's one measurement at a specific distance.

  14. Chris Morrison says:

    I have two semi auto builds I put together from Aero Precession. All together with Vortex Razor HD scopes they are pushing 12 lbs, but that's what I want in a rifle with the recoil of 6.5 Creedmoor, the weight keeps them still for follow up shots in time of rapid engagements. I love both these rifles, but I'm telling you you are wrong on this one James. I will tell you something my Tikka T3X Lite can do ,also in 6.5, that the semi autos can never do. And that's weight half as much. If you have ever lugged a rifle around the rugged terrain of Montana or Wyoming on a hunt you will understand.

  15. sdguy123 says:

    Semi-auto rifles have come a long way in terms of accuracy and I agree about the .308. Larger, hotter rounds not so much. The only drawback semi-autos have and will always have is they are damn hard on scopes. That reciprocating mass (the bolt) tends to break scopes.

  16. Ken Kaufman says:

    I have a tricked out LR-308 with a 24" barrel, that is semi-auto, that is a tack driver. Yes it is heavy, and the glass on it is not top of the line, Vortex FFP 4-20x50mm, but I love the gun and love it being semi auto. I have felt the same way about bolt guns, although I have Mossberg MVP scout as hunting rifle, that is light, handy, and quite accurate, that I don't mind carrying around all day. I will always like them.

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