The BEST Throwing Knives in The World? (World Champion Test)



The BEST Throwing Knives in The World? (World Champion Test) Enjoy ,) -if you missed my last Throwing video, definitely Check it out: …

44 thoughts on “The BEST Throwing Knives in The World? (World Champion Test)

  1. Adam Celadin says:

    Hello My Friends,
    I totally fell in Love to my New Knives, Let me know what do you think about it and like always HIT that Like Button, Share This video with your Friends or Subscribe if you are new to this channel! Thank you all for great support and See You after championship Next Week ,))

  2. randhall joss says:

    i did buy some cold steel pro flight sport supopsed to be made in california in fact made in china, they sucks they brok down even wenn hiting rigth the target, now i do build my own using old mecanic wrench

  3. Kanha says:

    I am big fan of you
    I just learned knife throwing from your videos… Thank you so much for that..
    Can you suggest me any good set of throwing knife… I am from INDIA

  4. Hide Behind says:

    Began learning how to throw and personal defensive/offensive use of knives over 60 years ago and even at age today still own and carry home made..
    My first blades were old surplu Korean War Marine K- Bars and different soft steel hunting blades; none designed for throwing but could be done.
    Began modifying and then making own from what I had lesrned.
    For myself steel had two purposes, up close and personal meaning sharp for slashing and pointed enough for penetration, while being balanced for my personal throwing style.
    A 3, triangular point is strongest and best penetration and strength of point from damage leaving triangular wound channel.
    Flat blades are very effecient throwers, but leave off any bs cords, with the heavier and thicker being best defensive weapon.
    Yes you can have light to ultralight blades but while they print pretty patterns without speed their penetration value sucks, and why you see more "needle" pointed ones in competition with jist enough width that if not true to point edges will grasp target surface at angles.
    Forget your so called Asian star throwers leave them for Dung Fu movie actors, and same with all Made in Asia recycled pop can blades.
    A good quality and inexpensive mild steel, is not brittle, will be easy to keep an edge/ point and with a simple file to find best balance point.
    A thrown blade has to hit dead on point for penetration as even a minute degree of angle off even young pig ribs, clothing will deflect.
    It is a last ditch survival only scenario.
    A thrown, even a hand thrust, blade 99% of time will not immediately incapacitate animal, man or beast.
    Throw the damn thing and then run like hell outta there.
    Throwing blades is not for fat lazy slobs, to become good one will walk many miles back and forth to targets, need to build muscle and bulk of arm and back, and a headband or scarf will keep sweat out of eyes.

  5. Grsk 77 says:

    DO NOT buy these throwing knives. I bought them for $200 (outrageous price for what I got) and got some metal pieces of shit. They came dirty, an uneven bevel grind, one covered in paint, and didn't even have a sharp tip! I would say save your money for something better.

  6. Arturo S.F says:

    Hi Adam!!!!

    How do you get the knives to turn on their longitudinal axis? They look like a screw piercing the air! . I have built with a friend several 6 mm steel knives taking pictures of the flying steele arrow as a reference, but we have to improve the steel cutting technique with radial saw, because they have been quite different from each other and it is difficult to get a release regular. Could you send me a template or scan the profile of the model you use or recommend to build? How can I provide you my mail? Thank you!!!!

  7. Captain Tripp says:

    Thanks Adam, I can't believe I have been missing out on knife throwing all this time, oh well, got a lot of catching up to do and little time to do it in. Your vids are a great help, and I love the fact you are Left Handed and basically throw like I do, in that that you do not lead with your left leg like most ppl are telling to do, I don't either, I seem to get more strength for the throw with my right leg forward like you do, keep on teaching bro, you are an inspiration to me and others!

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