20 thoughts on “The Best Small Game Snare

  1. justin billings says:

    if i use snares i make a spring for it i have never caught any thing with the set up he did and ive only done it once but i put a treble hook on i caught the squirrels paw but i used a yoyo reel they work well but not great

  2. Prepared Survivalist says:

    I used to run a trapline of about 20 traps, including snares, primitive traps, conibears and rat traps. This was in an animal-rich area with tons of wild game. I'd use the best baits; peanut butter, wild bird seed, and apples. Did this for a year straight. The best results I got was about 1 animal every other day or so. Those are realistic results.

  3. Adrian Rook says:

    for your question at the end, what do i think is the most effective snare? Take a common man with common sedentary office skills and supplies and have him use this.

    take a wooden rat trap. Drill a hole in corner. Bait with Peanut Butter, tie off the trap with a piece of paracord (check your daughter. she probably has a bracelet that uses it) with a bowline knot to a tree (dont know how to make one? http://goo.gl/bLD49B )

    then you have snare.

  4. Kwa1ski says:

    Very good tip! THey are easy to set up and sound as if they would be very effective. One question though. It seems tlike they are a bit small for the size funnel that you made. What would keep them from jumping over it as they run? Shouldn't it fill almost the whole space in the funnel? Thanks!

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