The BEST Knife Defense! What YOU need to Survive a REAL Attack!

24 thoughts on “The BEST Knife Defense! What YOU need to Survive a REAL Attack!

  1. AMC2283 says:

    he's absolutely right that you have to always be watching your ass.  you gotta rely on those killer instincts we all have, the world spent millions of years making them for us.  but if you do have that cup of coffee in your hand when trouble starts, and it's hot, splash the SOB!

  2. Bobbo Morgan says:

    How wonderful to hear somebody say "can you take a punch" I just read a post where some idiot was so upset because at a martial arts school they hit somebody. Far too many posers out there and far too many people are into MA PC bullshit. They think MA is about being spiritual and everybodt getting along.

  3. Jason Turner says:

    I love this, "how about I punch you in the fuckin face, how about if you make me raise my hands you become my victim". Mindset training is very important. Thanks for giving me more holes in my own training to fill in.

  4. Al Gilmore says:

    I just imagined some bloke sneaking up and smashing him over the head with a hammer in the last 30 seconds of that speech.

    That would get an ironic death oscar-if there was such a thing. 


  5. Ignacio Garcia says:

    I think you got a great point.  However, there is a lot more about this subject. Many martial artists believe that as soon as they start training they will be able to do anything they see in the movies, not knowing that once you get a black belt you really will begin to understand things, That makes you a beginner.  Many arts are moving away from their original purpose and have become a pure sport in order to bring more business in.  But if you are lucky enough to train a traditional art long enough, You will see that at one point stances are not that rigid, you also pass from the beginners stage where you defend and then counter attack to a better one where you counter as you are being attacked. One where you do not have to think what you are going to do because all your movements are automatic reactions.
    I believe you when you say you got a good system, and I understand what you are saying because I have been exposed to martial arts long enough, and maybe what you have is a faster way to get to a state of "readiness". Good job!

  6. Dietsland Ball says:

    One of the best videos of all time.
    It's the same as all those martial arts that teach you how to properly fall down. But If you're on your bike on a rainy day with your thoughts off, and you slip, no way you're going to act fast enough to properly execute the falling down.
    I think, the best technique you have is your experience in combat. Only then you know what can happen and what to avoid. After that, you have to have your techniques become part of your reflex system. Like when you walk into a room and automatically turn the light on/off, that's the level your techniques should be at. Otherwise, it's going to be impossible to remember what to do in the split second someone attacks you.
    I've experienced this. Someone came to me and grabbed me by the jacket and I probably would know what to do, but it was like I was stunned and it all happened so fast.

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