The Best Knife Defense Option



Knife defense is a tricky subject. Here is a defense option that you should always take whenever it is available. Thank you for watching our channel.

28 thoughts on “The Best Knife Defense Option

  1. Omar Milio says:

    Good self defense. I think something is missing because a knife attacker can chase you down. If the threat is chasing you down, it can be practical to throw objects that you may find at it. If there is no objects, it will be somehow harder. All depends the distance, in my case I carry a penlight almost everywhere, if I cant find an object I can use it to blind the threat, giving me more chances to leave the conflict, or if I cant leave I may have an advantage over him or her.

  2. skaruts says:

    I would say that if you're cornered and can't run, you could look for something to grab that you could use to maintain a distance until you find a way to escape. I presume chairs/stools might work. Sticks maybe. Swinging them might be a bad idea, though.

  3. ak4 rex says:

    Это все не поможет, если человек боится и слаб духом. И вообще на улице совсем всё по другому. Хорошо повторять серии на "груше", когда она не бьёт в ответ.

  4. bryan kinney says:

    I actually don’t care for this as being “the best knife defense” or whatever. Lets talk about the likely reactions of the people you’ll be around. Is your 6 year old gonna know you run? Will they out run an attacker? How about think under stress that they need to even run in the same direction as you? Do you even know what direction your going to go? How many times do you see a guy with a knife pull it out right in front of you? Will you be able to run 20 to 40 meters effectively with a guy chasing you AFTER you’ve taken a couple hits cause you didn’t see it coming? I suppose it’s worth acknowledging as an option among many options but it’s not nearly as surefire as people would like to believe. You can train this but your spouse or kid will probably freeze and be left there. Or you could pick them up and run and now your hands are tied while dude catches up to you and if he’s so motivated, goes to town on your lower back until he hits or cuts something that takes you down. Now I realize when a knife comes out there’s really no good option but I’m just saying that in my opinion this creates more of a training scar than a viable solution.

  5. The PNW Rider says:

    I run daily 3-5 miles and I am in my 60s. My defense is similar to what I leaned from the military during an ambush. The best defense is to attack hard and fast. My knife defense is a kick to the shin or knee ( what ever I hit ) as hard as I can and it’s off to the races.

  6. Citizen Operating Systems says:

    It is my opinion that running, cutting/dodging, and obstacle management should be at least 50% of “self defense” practice.

    Becoming fast on a flat stretch is a start, but to think that “run away” will be in a perfect track-like scenario is like expecting the bad guy to always give lovely slow haymakers.

    Learning to navigate active obstacles (like cars and people,) running on various surfaces in different environments and weather, moving in everyday clothing rather than just workout gear, and understanding fundamental obstacle management skills are widely overlooked and under-trained.

    Which is why I’ve chosen to turn my focus toward the “Flight” of Fight or Flight.

  7. Rick Trezise says:

    I think shitting yourself would be equally effective, especially if you can whip your pants off real quick and projectile shit at effective range. I think adrenaline and fear would help with your bowel's effectiveness in regards to adding the needed velocity to your defensive defecation.

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