The Best fighting tips for self-defence and UFC | Master Wong

The Best fighting tips for self-defence and UFC| Master Wong UFC – Self-defence Coach For more training: Master Wong and Pit Master talk …

26 thoughts on “The Best fighting tips for self-defence and UFC | Master Wong

  1. Prince Xerakugo says:

    Can we see if high kick and jump front kick work in knife desfense because the idea is to beat the guy with the knife while hitting them without them getting clost to your arm or torso to cut you right

  2. Yourstruly says:

    1. You control your distance within the fight, whoever does wins 9/10 times in a fight
    2. He who controls the hips, controls their soul. Keep your hips to your self!
    3. Dictate the pace within the fight. Either fast and hard, or take a breather, etc.

    Edit: Your welcome x ^^

  3. Kripto Danny says:

    Master Wong…you know very well that controlling the distance…if you are not Mike Tyson is the key..since most people are taller then you..right?..problem with tall people is this..what if they miss the punch..and you get close enough to hit them like a brick right on their noses?…zer problem…or you take zer legs first?..the bigger you are…the harder you fall..
    zer is zer problem…zer balls…zer balls are wide open..with one speedy leg bite zer balls and ,,no more problem,,is also REALLY funny that taller guys assume since you are smaller in stature( well you are a pigmey Master Wong!) they somehow assume that bigger muscles ..bigger power..which is sheer amount of ,,raising weights,,,,will give you the power in combat..maybe when chocking etc…

  4. Kripto Danny says:

    I love the Pit master…God bless his Ass!..but Master Wang..what's it means to control the hips? rotate your hips like an idiot why you smile?..and hips for you?..?..or put some Vaseline on your hips so his hands will slide when trying to suck your dick?..
    Kiss and love..

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