The Best Defensive EDC Knife | The DART

Exclusively available here: The DART knife, designed by Doug Marcaida and manufactured by FOX Knives Italy is a well balanced EDC and …

41 thoughts on “The Best Defensive EDC Knife | The DART

  1. mmullis3 says:

    im trying to buy a karambit and trainer does doug think the fox 599 or dart is better? better for offense, defense and more tactical needs? which is better and why?

  2. Koku Rou says:

    Hey, i noticed something. Marcaida always has his thumb over the top of the ring feature on the DART and Karambit. Why is this? When i practice with the trainer i keep my thumb off the top always, allows me to utilize the ring feature fully.

  3. inquisitor says:

    I want at least 4" double-edged blade.
    Long cold season where I live.  Usually wear gloves and if I had to cut a bitch, there are multiple layers of clothes to penetrate.  Anything less than 4" would be a joke.

  4. Joshua Sidell says:

    Got mine and the trainer a couple of days ago. The quality and draw speed alone make this an amazing knife. Yes the price does seem a bit high compared to other knives, but quality costs and for me I don't buy knives too often. 

  5. Joshua Farr says:

    GN, I really like your shots. Just a tip from martial artists:
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (especially where Doug is involved), take shots of his footwork. Not exactly wide shots that catch the whole body, but shots aimed at the footwork, especially when he's demonstrating with another person. Legs, hips, feet, try and work some of those shots in. A lot of the time he's got this awesome handwork/knifework going and we don't get any of the movement. Even if his legs are rigid and NOT moving, it's important to some of us. 
    Thanks, love the videos!

  6. Liam Sweeney says:

    mine came about 3 days ago after a 3 week wait.  it was worth every penny. its a great all around edc knife for opening packages and other cutting jobs.  where it is superior to all my past edc knives is how easy it is to deploy and how good it would be in a self defence situation.  all you need to do is pull on the ring and tilt the knife so the (wave) catches on your pocket.  finally it is obviously very high qaulity and looks bad ass.  the only thing i would warn you about is that it is a little thicker than most pocket knives,  but that is not a problem for me.

  7. ndbartel says:

    So this is 1 of 5… is there an expected release date on the others? I'm looking for a good edc knife, but I'm hesitant because I don't want the next one to be better, and I just wasted $130 on a knife that will just sit in a drawer. Will the other knifes be for edc or is this the specific edc knife of the Dark series?

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