21 thoughts on “The Best Defence knife

  1. FoRm4t says:

    the best defence knife is the one you have on your person if you get assaulted. I don't think most ppl will carry a large full blade like this everyday, it is just not practical /easy to conceal.

  2. Zane Staebell says:

    I own one of those. It's a crappy blade that's only good for menial tasks, not self defence like it says on the blade. I bought it for five bucks, though it's probably worth even less. Still fun to look at sometimes I guess.

  3. Rince says:

    lol omg I got the same knife years back as a gift. It is absolute crap. The blade stops in the hilt and the metal of the handle is hollow and not forged. The handle broke in half after e few days.
    Conclusion: Not even worth 2 Cents, let alone the fact of defending anything with it.

  4. Jason Travor says:

    Self defense with a knife like this could get you attempted murder.

    The type of knife you use to defend yourself is the difference between walking out of court, or walking into prison.

    You defend yourself and kill your opponent with a "Murder Knife Tactical Death Grip 3000", as opposed to "My cub scout leatherman", see which gets you in more trouble.

    The best knife for self defense is a practical utility knife with a good group.

  5. eldergroan says:

    i have this knife also. "The Best Defense" is printed in black letters on the blade – it's the name the manufacturer's name for the knife. it's just a bowie style knife with a contoured grip. holds a good edge.

  6. phwbt says:

    I don't think the person who posted this video is saying that this knife is the best of anything. I think the video's title is due to the fact that the blade has "The Best Defense" written on it, which I would assume is a reference to the phrase, "The best defense is a good offense"…but I won't say this thing is an offensive powerhouse. ha ha ha

  7. Ryan Ellis says:

    Definately not the best, its a tough knife but if you wanted to kill( or incapacitate) someone the Spyderco Civilian or Harpy is the knife to do it, and its not one of those fancy looking knives that looks cool but could break useing two fingers, they look wicked and are designed to incapacitate. I also think smith and wesson is a good brand too for knives

  8. rumple stiltskin says:

    i prefer carbon steel over stainless in any application. im never around salt water so thats not an issue, and i keep my blades clean when theyre not in use so theyre not at all likely to rust. but i happen to know for a fact that a bone or connective tissue hit at the wrong angle will do a number on the edge of a stainless steel knife. that doesnt happen with carbon steel. i would rather be stuck in the wrong situation with a 1095 knife over a vg-10 knife, anyday. this is a huge subject….

  9. rumple stiltskin says:

    i agree. but when a knife point is jammed into a sternum or a bone, its not unheard of for it to snap off. this wont happen with a thick carbon steel blade. also -and i know this from first hand experience- s30v, as heat treated by Benchmade, dulls after not too many passes through a deer's tendons and ligaments. and as for zdp-such-and-such, thats probably just a manufacturer's name for some other alloy, i.e. cold steel's ""sk5"" is 1085 carbon. they do that shit all the time. go with carbon.

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