The Best Camp Stove! The Jet Boil SOL

This is a field review of the JetBoil SOL Stove. I show how to put it together, how quickly it boils water, and talk about some of the strengths of the stove. You can …

14 thoughts on “The Best Camp Stove! The Jet Boil SOL

  1. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Great review! for a nice compact stove…I appreciate the stealthy, smokeless quality and the most of all the efficiency of it. Who wants to wait forever & ever when it's cold outside, in order to make a hot drink or a hot meal?? Puhlease..

  2. NvrGiveIn says:

    JJ – thanks a bunch for the review.  I have used MSR and Optimus stoves, and I agree with your assessment about all the components being so integrated and self-contained.  Spot on for me.  Thanks for taking the time to post and film from all angles too, well done!

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