The Art of the Balisong Butterfly Knife | World's Deadliest Fidget Spinner!



WEBSITE CORRECTION: The Balisong or butterfly knife is illegal in many parts of the world. It said to be a dangerous …

29 thoughts on “The Art of the Balisong Butterfly Knife | World's Deadliest Fidget Spinner!

  1. morelli tech says:

    Liberals ideologies; Individual drug use is ok. Alcoholics are victims of a disease. Aborting a child is ok, endorsing child and human trafficking from South America is ok. Self mutilation of ones genitals for sex reassignment is ok. Balisongs are dangerous to the user….BANNED!!!

  2. Dirt Cobain says:

    The difference between balisongs and fidget spinners

    Fidget spinners: for cringe adults or snobby kids

    Balisongs: made for self protection and actually has a purpose.

  3. Laf says:

    Most people don't realize how in-depth flipping goes. Most people have heard of butterflyknives but have no idea what they're capablr of. It's often taken lightly or chuckled at when i tell people "I flip butterflyknives", but it's more than just my passion, its almost a lifestyle

  4. red panda parkour says:

    I had a trainer taken off me at a school camp, now before you go on about how I shouldn't have brought it I know all that and it was stupid but I found it in my bag and there was nothing in the rules saying anything against it. A Butter knife of scissors can do more damage

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