The Art of Fighting without Fighting



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12 thoughts on “The Art of Fighting without Fighting

  1. charles webber says:

    Never punch in a street fight. Hit the crown of the head and you will break your hand. The body is more relaxed with a palm strike enabling you to generate more power. The surface of the palm is larger than the knuckles so your strikes will land with more power.

  2. Rooroo92 says:

    29:20 yeah with a closed fist you only really get a couple of extra inches range (like if you make a fist against a wall, stay where you are then turn it into a palm, you'll see the difference) but with all the risks and injuries that can happen it's not really worth it. Especially for people who don't have strong conditioned knuckles^^. The loss of like, what, 2-3 inches or so depending on the size of someone's hand in exchange for all the options a palm strike offers, it's a small price to pay really.

  3. Raptors19Tdot says:

    Bro I think the only way that'll make your Channel pop is more fighting against weapon videos. I saw ur fighting against knife experiment and I like the way u move, foot work, kicks, & palm attacks. & please put an ad on it so u get pay.

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