The Art of Distance of Deception | Knife versus Gun | Episode 4

Instructor Zero and Doug Marcaida travel to Rome to film the long awaited follow up to the Gun versus Knife series. In this episode the instructors talk about their …

38 thoughts on “The Art of Distance of Deception | Knife versus Gun | Episode 4

  1. TiaraBrightsaber says:

    Interesting stuff; writing a movie right now and looking for some inspiration for close combat.

    The fight choreographer will ultimately determine what happens but I can at least come up with a blue print. Thank you.

  2. Michael Wong says:

    It's nice to see Doug and Zero just relaxing, smiling, and enjoying themselves. Naturally, most of the training videos are very serious, but it's also cool to see another side of them.

  3. Yomammacantrap says:

    May I make just a fair comment without the B.S. Doug blends in great as instructor zero sticks out in a crowd. The most dangerous man in the room is the one who is most lethal and least suspecting. Patches on every arm, tactical stick out clothes sends off unwanting attention… Just watch how doug blends in and zero sticks out. Still love ya zero not talking smack. Pointing out the obvious . Weapons are made to be felt not seen … WE ARE THE WEAPON. with different tools of the trade in our hands …..AG77 ….. Great videos guys love watching and learning from both of you….

  4. Jorge Braithwaite says:

    In the world of violence and study of it. It is important to have people you can trust and leave that violence behind. To be able to come close to someone to be held by a loved one or even a stranger without worry of a situation of violence is a beautiful thing. Appreciate the simple things.

  5. Badass 40s says:

    I am a poor man. But if I could train with you guys, with humility, I'd scrub toilets, order lunch, scoop up your dogs poop, cook, clean and say "yes / no master"….whatever it takes to learn those skills. -Respect

  6. Shahabeddin Bazzali says:

    well first of thanks. here in Iran it's against the law to be armed or to have a knife carrying around. but the thing is I love both knives and pistols I don't have a bunch of knives at home that I train with every day and as far as the pistol goes, well you can't say I know a guy who knows a guy and I shot with the 45, 9 millimeter, H&K g3 and an AK 47. the laws about carrying knives or having sharp objects with you at all time in Iran dates back to I guess 1940 and they're trying to set new rules for it. that's the nice part and of course me and some of my friends train with each other right so right about once a week. but the gun is something else! we don't have any left to save Private Security section we don't have clubs to have bouncers and you don't certainly have I don't know a lot of armed robberies here in Iran, so I improvised. no disrespect to inspector Zero every single person who shooting with a gun with a real gun, I do play paintball and as said no disrespect I try to use some of the techniques that I seen these movies and quite frankly I've seen the results. granted it's only a game and the whole idea is to win but all I've learned from Doug and inspector is to try to enjoy what you have learned and if possible teach it to others, and not the violence. thank you for providing us with the knowledge necessary to defend and to enjoy. and my first and greatest shoutout to FUNKER tactical for providing us with these instructions. my eternal respect for all of you. peace

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