Tex-Mex Soup – In The Kitchen With Sean



Hey Everyone! It is time for another “Cooking With Sean” segment! In the kitchen today, Sean is making “Tex-Mex Soup”! Below you will find out how you can …

32 thoughts on “Tex-Mex Soup – In The Kitchen With Sean

  1. Edna Aguilar2012 says:

    Oh my this was delish! okay so couldn't use all the beans only because I need a bigger pot. I switched out the picante for beef chorizo (half of the horse shoe). I wanted to use the spicy chicken chorizo but I only had the beef in my frig. I had already been to the store twice already ha! I had to hold off on the dairy for my boys who are haters but I put it in my bowl and man so so good. I bought corn bread muffins but yeah nooo they were casulities and never got touched as I couldn't stop eating the chili 😀 I have 2 really picky eaters and they seemed to enjoy it so that says a lot. I will definitely be making this again and your right you can add and switch out different meats. I think I will add some kind of whole sausages next time. Can you please add sauces to your list. I suck at making sauces, like when you render from piece of meat in a pan – turkey gravy is a big one for me ugh! just a suggestion :-). Can't wait for another "In the kitchen with Sean"

  2. JJ Everhart says:

    I use a crusted bread bowl and fill with the Taco soup then place it n a large serving plate with the Taco Chips around the bowl with side dishes of sour cream and shredded cheese

  3. marie dun says:

    SO glad to see you doing your show. Look how smiley you are. Thanks for sharing your cooking things, I love cooking too. What happen to you with curlary school? Also you need your own recipe book.

  4. Teresa Jarkowska says:

    Really enjoyed this on catch up. Thank you. Can’t get some of the ingredients on my side of the pond which is a shame. Worse shame is having had to get rid of my new induction hob when I had a Pacemaker fitted!

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