Testing the effectiveness of a spear throw against padded armor

Could a thrown spear penetrate thick clothing or padded armor far enough to cause a potentially lethal wound in a historical duel? And how well would a …

19 thoughts on “Testing the effectiveness of a spear throw against padded armor

  1. Delusional Illusion says:

    There's not even a projectile/bullet larger then the spear besides a ballista round…(which were basically Spears/rocks). Just look how deadly smaller projectiles like bullets, bolts & arrows can be….now is it really a surprise how deadly a bullet thats longer then you & thick as a broom shaft could be…[edit] I can call out the broad spear throw without looking just by the impact noise alone. THUD!!!

  2. MrCorvusC says:

    Conclusion I draw from all of those weapons vs armor videos is clear to me – armor works, apart from the times when it doesn't 😀
    Obviously padding/mail/plate works if people were stuck with it for thousands of years. I would argue that weapons evolved more than armor over the course of history, always trying to catch up and stay effective. Only with invention of firearms the order got reversed.

  3. nvshd says:

    I've seen multiple videos now where gambeson and leather resist both piercing and cutting but fail catastrophically when faced with a weapon that pierces and cuts at the same time, like that broadhead spear. Confusing. Points designed to pierce plate seem far weaker than broadhead points for piercing soft material, while broadhead points are far weaker against plate.

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